Nanotherapeutics Laboratory

Research Interests and Focus


The promise of “smart” medicines that target specific diseases while sparing healthy tissue and avoiding toxic side effects is a growing interest in bio-medical research. Additionally, the creation of tiny particles (nanoparticles) that combine the abilities of targeted drug delivery, therapeutic efficacy, and medical imaging enhancement (i.e. theranostic nanoparticles) offers the potential for a single agent that greatly simplifies clinical treatments while improving patient outcomes. In the “Nanotherapeutics Lab”, we work with clinicians, physicists, biologists and other engineers to help create advanced medicines and drug delivery systems to help realize the future of advanced medicine. From hi-tech bio-friendly coatings that prevent cataracts during eye surgery, drug-delivery particles that are designed to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation during long-term space flights, targeted nanoparticles for cancer therapy and imaging, and cutting edge diagnostic platforms for sensitive detection of the causes of pneumonia and the early stages of cancer, we strive to apply engineering principles to some of the biggest medical challenges facing society today.

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