Biomimetics & Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Research Interests and Focus


The goal of Dr. P Soucy’s lab is to develop biomaterials that mimic the body’s natural environment, which can be used to encourage tissue regeneration and/or for delivering medicine throughout the body.  In our body, many cells live in a three-dimensional mesh called the extracellular matrix (ECM) that is composed of proteins and other biological components. The ECM structure, composition, and mechanical properties are all critical to encouraging cell regeneration and proper function.  The ability to produce ECM or a scaffold with similar properties in a laboratory would provide a better model of the body’s natural environment, increase our understanding of cell responses in that environment, and ultimately could be used to encourage regeneration of damaged or diseased tissues.  The lab is also using native proteins, such as albumin, and other naturally derived materials to design nano-sized particles that will improve drug delivery to treat cancer and other diseases.

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