Biomedical Devices Laboratory

Research Interests and Focus



The research foci of the Biomedical Devices Lab (BDL) include biomedical device development and testing, physiologic control systems, physiologic cell culture models, and pediatric and adult mechanical circulatory support. BDL has developed a number of biomedical devices including devices for natural orifice transendoluminal surgery, endoscopic impaction removal device, and chronic perivascular pressure sensor. BDL, in conjunction with the advanced heart failure research group, has extensive experience and expertise in hemodynamic data acquisition and analysis; device hemocompatibility, safety, and reliability testing; and mechanical circulatory support device development with industry partners. Our work has led to FDA approval and clinical translation of a number of medical devices.  The current on-going projects in BDL are: (1) development of acute and chronic circulatory support devices for failing Fontan circulations, (2) development of physiologic microfluidic cardiac and endothelial cell culture models as a platform technology, and (3) development of a left atrial appendage occlusion device.


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