BioInstrumentation and Controls Research & Development (BICRD) Lab


a picture of developed equipment by the BICRD Laboratory, University of Louisville

The BioInstrumentation and Controls Research & Development (BICRD) Lab (Lutz 304) is involved in multi-disciplinary research including Lab-on-a-Chip devices, MEMS sensors and microfabrication, solid modeling and finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, embedded control systems, microprocessors, and analog and digital circuit design. Current research projects include the development of “PowerKids - A Locomotor Training System for Pediatric Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries, with funds provided by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. Another project is the development of a wound irrigation system for surgery in zero gravity, sponsored by NASA. Finally, we are developing Thin-Layer Cells for Rapid, Sensitive, and Calibration-less Determination of Heavy Metals in µL Volumes using Anodic Stripping Coulometry. 

Professor Thomas (Tommy) Roussel, Jr., Principle Investigator