Advanced Heart Failure Research Laboratory

Research Interests and Focus

Dr. Koenig is an Endowed Chair and Professor in the Department of Bioengineering (Cardiovascular Innovation Institute) and the Department of Surgery (Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery) at the University of Louisville (UofL).  He has sixteen years experience with biomedical instrumentation and transducers, and data acquisition and analysis.  Since joining UofL in 1996, Dr. Koening has developed eight data acquisition systems and physiologic data acquisition (LabVIEW) and analysis (MATLAB) software for hemodynamic monitoring, recording, and analysis in support of IACUC approved large aninal model and IRB approved clinical protocols.  Dr. Koenig developed the engineering component of  UofL's Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) program by authoring standard operating procedures (SOP), implementing a calibration and maintenance program, and completing instrumentation calibration procedures resulting in FDA approval for clinical trials of the AbioCor at Jewish Hospital (Louisville, KY).   Dr. Koenig's research focus is on physiological responses to cardiac assist, counterpulsation and mini-pump development projects, and the clinical application of mechanical circulatory support devices to promote myocardial recovery in heart failure patients. Dr. Koenig's research program has been funded by the Whitaker Foundation, American Heart Association, and NIH SBIR program as wells as industry partners Abiomed (Danvers, MA), Thoratec (Pleasanton, CA), and SCR Inc. (Louisville, KY) that has resulted in 48 peer-reviewed publications, 17 conference proceedings, 4 book chapters, 54 abstracts, 5 technical reports, and 4 US patents.