Advanced Heart Failure Research Laboratory

Research Interests and Focus

The Advanced Heart Failure Research program leads active R&D labs in the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute located on the Health Sciences Campus in downtown Louisville in close proximity to University Hospital, Kosair Children’s Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and Norton Hospital. Our labs are equipped with surgical, medical, and engineering instrumentation and imaging systems to support pre-clinical testing of innovative medical devices using novel computer simulation, mock flow loop, large animal, and human cadaver models. We conduct clinical, engineering, and scientific R&D to help clinically translate novel diagnostic tools and pioneering therapies for advanced heart failure (HF). Our broad research focus is to understand physiologic responses and remodeling of the heart, vasculature, blood, and end-organs during mechanical circulatory support (MCS) for the treatment of advanced HF to improve patient outcomes and restore quality of life. Our specific research foci are to develop control strategies that enable rotary pumps to predict and respond physiologically; elucidate mechanisms
of cardiovascular remodeling; and to develop MCS HF therapies that promote myocardial recovery. AHFR investigators share bioengineering labs for MCS device development and training; electrical and mechanical fabrication; bioinstrumentation; hemodynamic data collection and analysis; and computational,
blood trauma, in vitro, and in vivo testing as well as basic sciences labs and specimen biorepositories for histopathology, molecular, genetic, and immunohistochemistry preparation, assays, and analyses.


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