The Founder: Wallace Coulter

Wallace Coulter was co-founder and Chairman of Coulter® Corporation, a worldwide medical diagnostics company. His two great passions in life were applying engineering principles to scientific research and embracing the diversity of world cultures. Wallace Coulter was the inventor of the Coulter Principle, which is a method for using electronic impedance to count and size microscopic particles suspended in a fluid. The first application of this principle was the Coulter Counter- a diagnostic device for counting red blood cells. The Coulter Principle is responsible for the practice of hematology and the complete blood count or "CBC"is the most common diagnostic medical test worldwide.

Under Wallace Coulter's leadership at the Coulter Corporation, the company became a worldwide leader in hematology, flow cytometry, industrial fine particle analysis and other laboratory diagnostics. Wallace Coulter was the inventor on 82 patents, many of the inventions coming in the later part of his life.

The Coulter (registered trademark) Corporation was acquired by Beckman Instruments, Inc. in 1997 and the company is now known as Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Following his death, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation was established to support translational research in biomedical engineering with the goal of accelerating the introduction of new technologies into patient care. The Foundation works with universities, colleges and professional associations that share his values of endless curiosity, continuous learning, teamwork, consideration and respect for the individual. The highest level of ethics and integrity are the cornerstone values of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

Wallace Coulter’s legacy of achievements includes critical advancements in diagnosis and treatment of disease, a dynamic corporation that will continue to innovate in healthcare, as well as colleagues, associates, friends and family who were inspired by his influence. His fame and accomplishments continue to be recognized. In 2004, Wallace Coulter was posthumously inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.