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Speed Alumni Residing in Tennessee

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Tennessee.


City Name Graduation
Antioch Ms. Janetta G. Pierce 1991 Occupational Education
Blountville Mr. William P. Miller 1966 Chemical Engineering
Blountville Mrs. Valerie R. Harding 1992 Engineering Science
Brentwood Mr. Allan Riggs 1983 Mechanical Engineering
Brentwood Mr. Anooshah A. Nasserizafar 1979 Electrical Engineering
Brentwood Mr. Brian E. Barnes 1994 Engineering Science
Brentwood Mr. Charles F. Walter 1986 Applied Science
Brentwood Mr. David J. Fowler 1990 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Brentwood Mr. Everett H. Cowan 1969 Civil Engineering
Brentwood Mr. James L. Horrar 1993 Electrical Engineering
Brentwood Mr. Thomas G. Morris 1976 Data Processing Technology
Brentwood Mr. William I. Flairty 1988 Finance
Brentwood Peter T. Whelan, Ph.D. 1978 Mechanical Engineering
Bristol Mr. David M. Hacker 1994 Engineering Science
Bristol Mr. Robert C. Yantz 1953 Civil Engineering
Chattanooga James R. McAfee, Sr., P.E. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Chattanooga Mr. C. Robert Faulkenberg 1972 Electrical Engineering
Chattanooga Mr. David R. Reid 1993 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Chattanooga Mr. Douglas L. Lundquist 1963 Electrical Engineering
Chattanooga Mr. James T. Casey 1978 Electrical Engineering
Chattanooga Mr. Joe N. Benson, Sr. 1947 Electrical Engineering
Chattanooga Mr. W. Steven Basch 1973
Clarksville Mr. Clay T. Cowan 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Clarksville Mr. James S. Parris 1989 Engineering Science
Clarksville Mr. Jerome L. Chandler 1988 Mechanical Engineering
Clarksville Mr. Michael A. Medlen 1988 Engineering Science
Clarksville Mr. Mihir K. Chaudhuri 1980 Engineering Management
Clarksville Ms. Jennifer K. Clark 2003 Civil Engineering
Cleveland Mr. David P. Sauer 1977 Electrical Engineering
Cleveland Mr. Michael C. Cornelison 2008 Industrial Engineering
Cleveland Ms. Thuvan T. Nguyen 1999 Mechanical Engineering
College Grove Mr. Michael Todd Lusher 1989 Engineering Science
Collierville Mr. Johnny Ray Pope 1962 Chemical Engineering
Columbia Mr. Daniel D. Terranova 1988 Engineering Science
Columbia Mr. Richard P. Gehrke 1952 Mechanical Engineering
Cordova Mr. Brent E. Basham 1980 Chemical Engineering
Cordova Mr. Dennis J. Kamper 1971 Civil Engineering
Cordova Mr. Joseph R. White 1978 Chemical Engineering
Cordova Mr. Nirmal K. Kasinath 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cordova Mr. Roger H. Schumer 1975 Environmental Engineering
Cordova Mr. Thomas C. Grimm 1987 Applied Science
Dunlap Mr. James E. Wyatt 1968 Civil Engineering
Franklin Mr. Daniel J. France 1990 Engineering Science
Franklin Mr. Edward W. Vance 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Franklin Mr. Gerald Stump 1992 Engineering Management
Franklin Mr. James A. Shearer 1947 Electrical Engineering
Franklin Mr. John D. Clark 1983 Applied Science
Franklin Mr. Jonathan R. Scheidt 1958 Electrical Engineering
Franklin Mr. Kevin A. Jenks 1986 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Franklin Mr. Robert J. Schmidt 1978 Civil Engineering
Gallatin Mr. Matthew L. Black 1991 Engineering Science
Gallatin Ms. Kristi M. Schnell 2004 Civil Engineering
Germantown Mr. David A. Weis 1991 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Germantown Mr. David E. Gerhard 1983 Applied Science
Germantown Mr. Donald Leigh Glaser 1964 Electrical Engineering
Germantown Mr. Earl Caummisar 0
Germantown Mr. S. Mark Kmiec 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Goodlettsville Mr. Robert Meredith Keeling 1989 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Goodlettsville Mr. Thomas E. Benim 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Goodlettsville Mrs. Kelly A. Keeling 1990 Engineering Science
Hendersonville Mr. Arnold B. Kirby Jr 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Hendersonville Mr. James S. Dunlap, III 1992 Management
Hendersonville Mr. Jed C. Painter 1985 Applied Science
Hendersonville Mr. Joseph Michael Bennett 1986 Applied Science
Hendersonville Mr. Lawrence W. Vessels 1977 Electrical Engineering
Hermitage Mr. Aaron V. Beavers 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Hermitage Mr. Kevin M. Brangers 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Hermitage Mr. Larry D. Potts 1956 Chemical Engineering
Hixson Mr. Dennis L. Terrill 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Hixson Mr. Edward T. Knuettel 1973 Civil Engineering
Hixson Mr. Roger Daryl Gish 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Hixson Mr. Walter E. Tindall 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Jackson James S. Kirk, Ph.D. 2003 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Jackson Mr. Huan M. Dinh 2006 Electrical Engineering
Jackson Mr. John D. Macklin 1997 Industrial Engineering
Johnson City Mr. Theodore J. Bach, Jr. 1983 Applied Science
Johnson City Mr. Kinshuk D. Bharati 1988 Chemical Engineering
Johnson City Mr. Charles J. Pierce 1995 Chemical Engineering
Johnson City Mr. Eugene D. Smith 1970 Electrical Engineering
Jonesborough Mr. Marvin T. Briscoe, Jr. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Jonesborough Nancy G. Barbarito, M.D. 1979 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Alvin M. Keel 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Andrew Arbaugh 1995 Electrical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Edward R. Hollander, Jr. 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Harry L. Carrell 1952 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. James D. Finney 1958 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. James F. Hill 1950 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. James S. Maginnis, Jr. 1986 Applied Science
Kingsport Mr. John E. Thomasson 1968 Civil Engineering
Kingsport Mr. John T. Bearden 1948 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Joseph W. Disselkamp 1974 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Kingsport Mr. Keith L. Clanin 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Kevin R. Heindselman 2002 Business Administration
Kingsport Mr. Matthew Duane Looney 1986 Applied Science
Kingsport Mr. Michael R. McLaughlin 1987 Applied Science
Kingsport Mr. Richard Allen Hanks 1973 Electrical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Robert C. Hart, P.E. 1947 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Robert E. Bierbaum 1948 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Robert G. Casper 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Roy A. Flegel 1985 Mechanical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Thomas Y. Lightfoot 1964 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. Timothy M. Pinto 1985 Applied Science
Kingsport Mr. William A. Resch, Jr. 1942 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mr. William S. Shaw, Sr. 1949 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mrs. Jamie A. Carder 1985 Applied Science
Kingsport Mrs. Tracy M. Venett 1998 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Mrs. Vicky K. Pinto 1985 Applied Science
Kingsport Ms. Nadine S. McMackin 1998 Chemical Engineering
Kingsport Ms. Rose M. Davidson 1989 Engineering Science
Kingston Mr. William C. Ulrich 1953 Chemical Engineering
Knoxville Angela K. Jones, P.E. 1985 Applied Science
Knoxville Carl D. Tockstein, P.E. 1973 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Charles M. Coones, P.E. 1977 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Dr. Charles Noon 1981 Industrial Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Barry K. Thacker 1976 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Bruce S. Standifer 1984 Applied Science
Knoxville Mr. Christoph R. Johnson 1997 Electrical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Dall H. Andrew 1963 Electrical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Enoch Lloyd Youngblood, Jr. 1953 Chemical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Erwin L. Epple 1979 Industrial Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Gary T. Brill, P.E. 1985 Applied Science
Knoxville Mr. Glen L. Adams 1980 Chemical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Michael S. Taylor 1980 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Nofal 1989 Engineering Science
Knoxville Mr. Nathaniel B. Brown, Jr. 1980 Marketing
Knoxville Mr. Phil Neidhardt 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Robert L. Ritter 1953 Chemical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Rodney K. Greenwell Jr. 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Sarma Chilukuri 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Knoxville Mr. Steve Payne 1982 Chemical Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Steven N. Stewart 1973 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Theodore A. Schuler 1957 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Mr. Thomas A. Natale 1972 Engineering Management
Knoxville Mr. Vivek Mongolu 2004 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Knoxville Mr. William C. Lewis III 1973 Electrical Engineering
Knoxville Mrs. Ilka T. Hatfield 1991 Industrial Engineering
Knoxville Mrs. Karen E. Johnson 2000 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Ms. Nancy R. Roberts, P.E. 1981 Civil Engineering
Knoxville Stanley E. Becker, Ph.D. 1952 Mechanical Engineering
Knoxville Walter L. Frisbie, P.E. 1965 Electrical Engineering
Knoxville Xiaohui Cui, Ph.D. 2004 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
La Grange Mr. John E. Rhodes, Jr. 1971 Mechanical Engineering
La Vergne Mr. Henry B. Stanfield 1974 Engineering Management
La Vergne Mr. Henry J. Viel 1986 Applied Science
Lebanon Mr. Willie Grey Neal 1945 Civil Engineering
Lexington Mr. Jarrett R. Brewer 1997 Electrical Engineering
Loudon Mr. Curtis J. Jackson 1973 Civil Engineering
Loudon Mr. Robert L. Walker, Jr. 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Madison Mr. Jon H. Amis 1996 Industrial Engineering
Maryville Mr. Casey Wagner 2008 Chemical Engineering
Maryville Mr. Joseph R. Martin 1942 Chemical Engineering
Maryville Mr. Ronald D. Scott 1975 Electrical Engineering
Maryville Ms. Anita C. Hatch 1984 Applied Science
Memphis Fr. Richard D. Coy 1963 Chemical Engineering
Memphis Mr. Kenneth J. Thomas 2008 Electrical Engineering
Memphis Mr. Ravindra V. Dasari 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Memphis Mr. Terrell R. McCoy 1976 Electrical Engineering
Memphis Mr. William A. Singleton 1946 Chemical Engineering
Morristown John H. Cosgrove, Ph.D. 1961 Chemical Engineering
Morristown Mr. Bart T. Fisher 1999 Mechanical Engineering
Morristown Mr. Christopher L. Korson 1998 Electrical Engineering
Morristown Mr. James L. Harris 2000 Mechanical Engineering
Mount Carmel Mr. Edward R. Montgomery 1981 Electrical Engineering
Mount Juliet Cmdr. Raymond B. Bowling 1975 Chemical Engineering
Mount Juliet Mr. Bernard H. Voor, III, P.E. 1984 Applied Science
Mount Juliet Mr. Jeffrey J. Watts 1999 Electrical Engineering
Mount Pleasant Joseph M. Thomas, P.E. 1972 Civil Engineering
Murfreesboro Mr. A. George Putnam, Jr. 1989 Engineering Science
Murfreesboro Mr. Charles M. Riggs PE 1976 Electrical Engineering
Murfreesboro Mr. Glenn L. Adams 1952 Civil Engineering
Murfreesboro Mr. Jeffrey M. Hess 2002 Industrial Engineering
Murfreesboro Mr. John C. Heid 1975 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Murfreesboro Mr. Karthik Ulagappan 2007 Industrial Engineering
Nashville Gregory B. Edrington, P.E. 1979 Civil Engineering
Nashville John A. Roth, Ph.D. 1961 Chemical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Garry Edd Vickery 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Nashville Mr. George E. O'Connor 1959 Electrical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Hooman Abtahi 1972 Electrical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Jarrod K. Line 1999 Mechanical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Jerry R. Smith 1963 Electrical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Kevin L. Thompson 1998 Civil Engineering
Nashville Mr. Milton F. Harbsmeier 1949 Electrical Engineering
Nashville Mr. P. Marty Paslick 1980 Management
Nashville Mr. Peter M. Brumm 2000 Engineering Science
Nashville Mr. Peter R. Dawkins 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Nashville Mr. Richard D. Heckel 1982 Applied Science
Nashville Mr. Stephen D. Peake 1974 Mathematics
Nashville Ms. Leanna M. Beckett 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Nashville Phillip O. Staples, Jr., Ph.D. 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Nolensville Mr. Alex Foster Smiley 1983 Engineering Management
Normandy Charles P. Wendelken, Ph.D. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Oak Ridge David T. Stafford, Ph.D. 1958 Chemical Engineering
Oak Ridge Mark S. Cade, P.E. 1979 Civil Engineering
Oak Ridge Mr. Donald K. Wierwille 1974 Civil Engineering
Oak Ridge Mr. Donald M. Fleischer 1977 Electrical Engineering
Oakland Mr. Douglas L. Howell 1999 Electrical Engineering
Old Hickory Mr. Edward L. Brignola 1961 Chemical Engineering
Old Hickory Mr. James W. Martin 1978 Civil Engineering
Old Hickory Mr. Michael J. Marasa, P.E. 1978 Civil Engineering
Ooltewah Mr. Alex A. Hanna 1994 Mechanical Engineering
Piney Flats Mr. Carl L. Terrell PE 1963 Electrical Engineering
Portland Mr. Michael J. Patrick 1995 Electrical Engineering
Roan Mountain Mr. Frank M. Murden 1980 Electrical Engineering
Seymour Mr. Jeffrey D. Hall 1994 Industrial Engineering
Signal Mountain Mr. P. D. Lyons, Jr. 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Smyrna Mr. Samuel O. Jackson 1978 Civil Engineering Technology
Smyrna Mrs. Tamera L. Coulter 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Soddy Daisy Mr. Andrew F. Polahar, P.E. 1973 Chemical Engineering
Spring Hill Mr. Jonathan D. Haycraft 2001 Civil Engineering
Spring Hill Mr. Randall E. Dailey 1984 Applied Science
Talbott Mr. Joseph M. Kersting, P.E. 1967 Chemical Engineering
Thompsons Station Mr. E. Christopher Cowan 1991 Engineering Science
Tullahoma Howard M. Frederick, P.E. 1977 Electrical Engineering
Winchester Donald A. Burden, Ph.D. 1987 Applied Science


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