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Speed Alumni Residing in Oregon

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Oregon.


City Name Graduation
Beaverton Ms. Susan Stone 1987 Applied Science
Bend Mr. Michael D. McCaffery, P.E. 1965 Civil Engineering
Bend Mr. Richard H. Frederick 1959 Electrical Engineering
Corvallis Ms. Debora J. Thomas 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Cottage Grove Mr. Marvin H. Ball 1974 Electrical Engineering
Eugene Mr. Anthony A. Russell 1995 Engineering Science
Hillsboro Mr. Eric S. Adkinson 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Hillsboro Mr. Harshavardhan C. Shinde 2002 Electrical Engineering
Hillsboro Mr. Maurice S. Bacon 1962 Electrical Engineering
Hillsboro Mr. Rathissh Dorairaj   2005 Electrical Engineering
Hillsboro Mr. Santosh Pabba 2005 Electrical Engineering
Hillsboro Mr. Stacey A. Ross 1995 Electrical Engineering
Hillsboro Suresh Gubbala, Ph.D. 2008 Chemical Engineering
Lake Oswego Mr. Luke L. Schulte 1988 Engineering Science
Lake Oswego Mr. Ronald L. Mosgrove 1983 Appl.Math/Comp.Science
Lake Oswego Mr. William C. Winett 1988 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Medford Mr. Eric L. Dziura 1978 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Portland Hari Chandrasekaran, Ph.D. 2002 Chemical Engineering
Portland Mr. Alejo Giron 2001 Chemical Engineering
Portland Mr. Andrew R. Stoehr 1992 Engineering Science
Portland Mr. Daniel M. Cooper 1994 Electrical Engineering
Portland Mr. Donald J. Ruoff 1998 Electrical Engineering
Portland Mr. John H. Carrasquer 1984 Applied Science
Portland Mr. Michael L. Beaird 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Portland Mr. Robin C. Morrison 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Portland Mr. Steven A. Bischof 1983 Chemical Engineering
Portland Mr. William David Moxley 1989 Engineering Science
Portland Mr. Yoram Gordon 1994 Engineering Management
Tigard Mr. Gene E. Markozen 1993 Electrical Engineering
Welches Mr. Christopher G. Lind 1982 Environmental Engineering


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