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Speed Alumni Residing in Ohio

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Ohio.


City Name Graduation
Akron Mr. J. O. Horning, Jr. 1943 Mechanical Engineering
Akron Mr. Robert R. Hackel 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Amelia Mr. Jerry W. Schweinhart 1983 Applied Science
Athens Mr. Gary R. Weckman 1979 Industrial Engineering
Avon Mr. Wesley T. Parrott, Jr. 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Avon Mrs. Edith W. Parrott 1987 Applied Science
Avon Lake Mr. Paul A. Selvage 1979 Chemical Engineering
Batavia Mr. Robert M. Baker 1990 Engineering Science
Bay Village Mr. L. Hill Clark 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Beavercreek Col. Tom Singleton 1974 Electrical Engineering
Beavercreek Martha A. Carter, Ph.D. 1986 Mathematics
Beavercreek Mr. Douglas Wayne Carter 1987 Mechanical Engineering
Beavercreek Mr. Lawrence J. Huttsell 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Bedford Mr. Leon S. Collins 1986 Applied Science
Bellbrook Lt. Col. Michael D. Pilkenton 1986 Applied Science
Bellbrook Mr. C. Robert Jackson 1961 Electrical Engineering
Bellbrook Mr. Kevin Max Collins 1986 Applied Science
Bellbrook Mr. Mike Spencer 1969 Electrical Engineering
Bethel Lt. Cmdr. Matthew K. Klein 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Bethel Mr. Sameer Choudhary 1995 Chemical Engineering
Blacklick Ms. Joleen N. Phillips 2005 Electrical Engineering
Brecksville Mr. Kenneth Paul Jayjack 1988 Engineering Management
Brecksville Mr. Louis F. Birkel Jr. 1941 Civil Engineering
Bucyrus Mr. Richard Nathan Krahling 1997 Industrial Engineering
Cambridge Martin J. Grimm, Jr., P.E. 1957 Chemical Engineering
Cambridge Mr. Philip E. Wentzel, Jr. 1975 Chemical Engineering
Canfield Mr. William C. Porterfield 1947 Civil Engineering
Centerville Michael F. Richards, M.D. 1989 Engineering Science
Centerville Mr. Daniel Eugene Samiec 1990 Engineering Science
Centerville Mr. Harold W. Underwood 1966 Electrical Engineering
Centerville Mr. Michael J. Bickett 1983 Applied Science
Centerville Mr. Paul A. Siemens 1986 Applied Science
Centerville Mr. Thomas S. Ray 1986 Applied Science
Centerville Mr. Warren P. Johnson 1957 Chemical Engineering
Chardon Mr. William D. Doolittle 1965 Chemical Engineering
Chillicothe Mr. Michael David Lanning 1988 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Ali M. Bahar, P.E. 1987 Applied Science
Cincinnati Br. Christopher L. Cahill OFM 1992 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Cincinnati Daniel B. Barnes, M.D. 1991 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Elizabeth M. Koch, J.D. 1985 Applied Science
Cincinnati Kenneth F. Bloemer, Ph.D. 1980 Industrial Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Aaron L. Johnson 1991 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Blake E. Sansbury 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Bobby L. Shields 1992 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Brian A. Lutes 1986 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Casey P. Hartmann 1987 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Charles R. Ganote 1969 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Charles T. Gagel, Jr. 1970 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Christopher C. Finger 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Christopher H. Young 1990 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Claudel Nisingizwe 2007 Civil Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Dale E. Euller 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Daniel B. Schuster 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Cincinnati Mr. Daniel P. Barry 1981 Management
Cincinnati Mr. David A. Robertson 1976 Data Processing Technology
Cincinnati Mr. David T. Moore 1992 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Donald Scott Engleman 1983 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Frank J. Campisano, Sr. 1948 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Gary R. Banfield 1981 Civil Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Iyad A. Abou-Amara 1990 Industrial Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. James A. Elgin 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. James F. Quinn 1982 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Jay V. Petach 1971 Environmental Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Jerry W. Kern 1995 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Cincinnati Mr. John C. Hooton 1984 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. John Edmund Hart II 1985 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. John O. Burckle 1963 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. John R. Commons 1970 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. John S. Hall 1986 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. John Stephen Tolly 1977 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Joseph Lee Steele 1988 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Kenneth A. Best 1966 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Kenneth J. Esterle 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Cincinnati Mr. Keven W. Johnson 1986 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Cincinnati Mr. Kevin Miles Montgomery 1989 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Louis N. Dixon, Jr. 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Luigi Minghetti 1991 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Matthew C. Daly 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Mehran Jouharizadeh 1983 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Michael A. Detroy 1969 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Michael James Fahey 1990 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Cincinnati Mr. Michael L. Waddell 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Cincinnati Mr. Peter John Jula 1989 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Philip M. McDermott 1984 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Prentice C. Lyons 1958 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. R. Keith Kintner 1956 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Ralph William Wells III 1977 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Randy Joseph Ketterer 1985 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Richard J. Schmitt 1975 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cincinnati Mr. Robert W. Meade 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Robert W. Slater III 1988 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. S. Marvin Weisberger 1965 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Shailesh C. Kapadia 1973 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Shailesh K. Shah 1970 Civil Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Siamak Khorram 1982 Applied Science
Cincinnati Mr. Stephen J. Washburn PE 1988 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mr. Theodore R. Semones, III 1976 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. Thomas A. Lindstedt 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. William A. Meiman Jr. 1969 Electrical Engineering
Cincinnati Mr. William J. Sandman, III 1987 Finance
Cincinnati Mr. William Paul Kerschner 1990 Engineering Science
Cincinnati Mrs. Karen S. Litz 1974 Psychology
Cincinnati Mrs. Mary C. Wocks 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Cincinnati Mrs. Mary Richard Steele 1982 Data Processing Technology
Cincinnati Mrs. Suman Sinha 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cincinnati Ms. Anneliese J. Knoff 2000 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Ms. Felecia Coleman 1986 Engineering Management
Cincinnati Ms. Linda A. Ross 1979 Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati Ms. Patricia B. Bertsch 1986 Engineering Management
Cincinnati Ms. Tracy D. MacDonald 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Cincinnati Ms. Vanessa L. Crabtree 1995 Civil Engineering
Cincinnati Stephen K. Shirooni, Ph.D. 1983 Applied Science
Cincinnati Todd A. Stommel, P.E. 1991 Civil Engineering
Cincinnati Watson C. Smith, P.E. 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati Willard C. Vaughan, P.E. 1984 Environmental Engineering
Cincinnati Zhiyong Zhao, Ph.D. 2005 Business Administration
Cleveland Mr. Jaime O. Garnica, Jr. 1983 Applied Science
Cleveland Mr. Leonard D. Hendrix, Jr. 2001 Mechanical Engineering
Cleveland Mr. Loren F. Weiss 1948
Cleveland Mr. Miguel Aoun 1962 Electrical Engineering
Cleveland Mr. Richard J. Ferguson 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Cleveland Ms. Trupti V. Mane 1996 Chemical Engineering
Cleves Mr. P. Richard Auter 1968
Cleves Mr. Victor T. Nicolas, Jr. 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Columbus Mr. Debasish Chatterjee 2001 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Columbus Mr. James P. Smith 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Columbus Mr. John E. Ottersbach 1968 Electrical Engineering
Columbus Mr. Michael D. Tarullo, Sr. 1972 Electrical Engineering
Columbus Mr. Michael D. Wade, Sr. 1977 Engineering Management
Columbus Mr. Nirav Y. Pandya 2007 Electrical Engineering
Columbus Mr. Ricky L. Deuser 1987 Electrical Engineering
Columbus Mr. Sharad Gulati 2004 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Columbus Mr. Thaddeus L. Arnold 1995 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Columbus Mr. William R. Driver 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Columbus Mrs. Monica A. O'Keefe 1986 Data Processing Technology
Columbus Mrs. Ruth T. Haddock 1963 Civil Engineering
Conneaut Mr. Michael G. Thomas 1966 Electrical Engineering
Cuyahoga Falls Mr. James M. Yates 1971 Chemical Engineering
Cuyahoga Falls Mr. John R. Abbott 1964 Mechanical Engineering
Cuyahoga Falls Mr. Timothy D. Moore, II 2005 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Bin Wang, Ph.D. 1994 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Dayton Capt. Daniel T. Holt 1989 Engineering Science
Dayton Capt. Kevin L. Schoen 1984 Applied Science
Dayton Col Robert S. Heaps 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Jerry R. Perrich PhD 1974 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Ajit C. Kapadia 1963 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Arthur L. O'Meara 1955 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Brenchley L. Boden, Jr. 1985 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. Brett Jay Fiepke 1985 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. Brian T. Hagerty 1981 Industrial Engineering
Dayton Mr. Christopher L. Ewing 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Daniel R. Seger 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Daniel T. Wang 1988 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Dayton Mr. David N. Hornback 1987 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Emmanuel A. Parel 1988 Engineering Science
Dayton Mr. Franklin Alvin Bynum 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Gary W. Auman, J.D. 1969 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. George F. Schmitt, Jr. 1963 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Gerald B. Hollins 1954 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. James A. Uphaus Jr. 1972 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. James C. Young, Jr. 1984 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. James K. Klein 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Jeffery P. Livingston 1981 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Manoochehr Zoghi 1979 Civil Engineering
Dayton Mr. Mark A. Hartung 1972 Civil Engineering
Dayton Mr. Mark D. Perry 1987 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. Michael F. Hitchcock 1980 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Michael T. Pope Jr 1996 Chemical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Richard A. Markwell 1973 Civil Engineering
Dayton Mr. Richard J. Bowles 2001 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Robert L. Courtney 1956 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Robert P. DiTommaso 1982 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. Rudy C. Beavin 1961 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. Steven Wayne Trent 1984 Applied Science
Dayton Mr. Thomas W. Hoog 1964 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. W. Michael Barrett 1978 Electrical Engineering
Dayton Mr. William R. McFadden 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Dayton Mrs. Debora A. Naguy 1988 Engineering Science
Dayton Mrs. June E. Livingston 1982 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Dayton Mrs. Kathleen J. Frazier 1983 Applied Science
Dayton Ms. Alice A. Nolley 1991 Engineering Science
Dayton Ms. Colleen T. Lovett 1982 Industrial Engineering
Dayton Ms. Kathleen J. Frazier 1985 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Dayton Ms. Tangela A. Williams 1994 Industrial Engineering
Dover Mr. Scott A. Warren 1992 Engineering Science
Dublin Mr. Anantakr V. Sundararajan 1994 Industrial Engineering
Dublin Mr. Changcheng Zhao 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Dublin Mr. Everett C. Rodabaugh 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Dublin Mr. John W. Wiegel 1961 Electrical Engineering
Dublin Mr. Ryan T. Conway 2005 Civil Engineering
Dublin Mrs. Rhonda J. Ransdell 1982 Applied Science
E Canton Mr. Paul Alan Sims 1984 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Fairborn Mr. D. Craig Adams 1973 Electrical Engineering
Fairborn Mr. Richard E. Beard, Jr. 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Fairborn Mr. Robert A. Andes 1964 Electrical Engineering
Fairfield Mr. Mark Patrick Horujko 1978 Electrical Engineering
Findlay Mr. Lawrence H. Nold, Jr. 1964 Electrical Engineering
Gahanna Mr. Richard B. Polley 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Gahanna Mr. Stephen D. Coomer 1966 Electrical Engineering
Gates Mills Mr. Michael S. Griggs 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Granville Brian D. Gregory, Ph.D. 1979 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Granville Ms. Denise M. Howerton 1981 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Grove City Mr. Neal Anthony Shawler 1992 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Grove City Mr. Robert G. Mitchell 1988 Engineering Science
Hamilton Mr. Russell D. DeJarnatt 1993 Engineering Science
Hamilton Mrs. Debi F. Hanes 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Hannibal Ms. Victoria M. St. Clair 2007 Chemical Engineering
Harrison Michael W. Sewell, P.E. 2003 Civil Engineering
Hilliard Mr. William J. Heck 1985 Applied Science
Hilliard Ms. Caroline M. Wolter 2002 Civil Engineering
Hiram Mr. Stephen F. Brucker 1964 Mechanical Engineering
Holland Jorge A. Marzari, Ph.D. 1991 Chemical Engineering
Hudson Mr. Charles D. Evans 1966 Electrical Engineering
Hudson Mr. Perry L. Noe, P.E. 1954 Mechanical Engineering
Hudson Mr. Robert R. Schlafer 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Huron Mr. Eugene J. Chervenak 1952 Civil Engineering
Ironton Mr. Bruce Alan Beam 1990 Engineering Science
Kettering Mr. Herbert W. Bates 1949 Electrical Engineering
Lebanon Mr. Edward J. Vieth 2002 Industrial Engineering
Lebanon Mr. Jeffrey A. Heck 1989 Engineering Science
Lebanon Mr. Steven M. Schoenbaechler 1989 Engineering Science
Lewis Center Mrs. Maria L. Burk 1991 Engineering Science
Lewis Center Soradej Thimdit, P.E. 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Liberty Township Mr. Alexandros A. Vidas 1986 Applied Science
Liberty Township Mr. Mark W. Johnson 1999 Mechanical Engineering
Liberty Township Mr. Theodore H. Leist, Jr. 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Liberty Twp Mohammad R. Rajai, Ph.D. 1996 Engineering Management
Liberty Twp Mr. Adam B. Pedigo 2000 Mechanical Engineering
Liberty Twp Mr. Joshua D. Matson 2001 Chemical Engineering
Liberty Twp Mr. Michael S. Kelly 1998 Chemical Engineering
Liberty Twp Mr. Scott M. Ellsworth, II 1987 Applied Science
Liberty Twp Mrs. Jennifer L. Matson 2001 Chemical Engineering
Lima Ms. Pamela A. Morris 1988 Engineering Science
Little Hocking Mr. Brett W. Edwards 1982 Data Processing Technology
Logan Mr. David E. Dunn 1950 Chemical Engineering
Louisville Mr. Donald C. Staats 2003 Chemical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Daniel F. Landon 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Loveland Mr. David G. Cherry 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Dennis J. Berry 1978 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Dwayne Allen Gartland 1992 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Loveland Mr. Jeffrey J. Eschenbach 1986 Applied Science
Loveland Mr. Jeffrey S. Onnen 1983 Applied Science
Loveland Mr. John A. Niebauer 1961 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Mark D. Ehrler 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Paul A. Jackson 2005 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Ricardo M. Parales, Jr. 1984 Applied Science
Loveland Mr. Stephen Andras Kovacs 1978 Chemical Engineering
Loveland Mrs. Connie J. Mattei 1982 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mrs. Jennifer M. Vacca 1991 Data Processing Technology
Maineville Mr. Timothy J. Skillman 1984 Applied Science
Marion Mr. John W. Haverstock Jr. 1957 Electrical Engineering
Mason Mr. Ayman M. El-Geneidy 1996 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Mason Mr. Brian S. Allen 1997 Electrical Engineering
Mason Mr. Edward F. Rueve 1957 Electrical Engineering
Mason Mr. Edward M. Schulman 1983 Applied Science
Mason Mr. Gary E. Willis 1990 Engineering Science
Mason Mr. Gregory Dean Martin 1988 Engineering Science
Mason Mr. Hong-Jun Tan 1997 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Mason Mr. Kevin R. Doll 1993 Mechanical Engineering
Mason Mr. Kun Yang 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Mason Mr. Michael F. Meurer 1987 Applied Science
Mason Mr. Robert H. Unterreiner III 1984 Applied Science
Mason Mr. Timothy J. Geiger 1983 Applied Science
Mason Mr. Walter L. Yeager 1974 Electrical Engineering
Mason Mr. Zhijie Li 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Mason Ms. Megan M. Knoop 1999 Chemical Engineering
Mason Ms. Vanessa M. Luquis 1996 Electrical Engineering
Mason Ms. Yan Xian 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Massillon Mr. Gary A. Tatum 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Medina Mohamed Y. El-Refai, Ph.D. 1998 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Mentor Mr. Darren T. Johnson 1997 Electrical Engineering
Mentor Mr. George E. Campbell, Jr. 1998 Electrical Engineering
Mentor Ms. Angela L. Bensinger 1983 Applied Science
Miamisburg Mr. Bennett L. Friedman 1987 Chemical Engineering
Miamisburg Mr. Eugene Thomas Kensky 1985 Applied Science
Miamisburg Mr. Gary Stevens 1995 Electrical Engineering
Miamisburg Mr. James W. McDonald 1993 Engineering Science
Miamisburg Mr. Lawrence Joseph Head 1980 Industrial Engineering
Miamisburg Mr. Robert M. Wolfe 1952 Electrical Engineering
Miamisburg Mrs. Lynnette M. Cosby 1977 Engineering Management
Milford Mr. Mark J. Martin 1991 Chemistry(Undergrad+grad to'84
Milford Mr. Mark Lawrence Whalen 1983 Applied Science
Milford Ms. Janet A. Gunn 1985 Applied Science
Monroe Mr. Richard Moore Dreckman 1980 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Morrow Mr. Thomas F. Rich 1962 Chemical Engineering
Nelsonville Mr. Joseph M. Mohaber 1981 Mechanical Engineering
New Albany Mr. Elweli O. Etghana 2003 Civil Engineering
New Albany Mr. Stanley J. Regas 1961 Electrical Engineering
New Carlisle Mr. Michael J. Engle 1971 Electrical Engineering
New Concord Mrs. Rhonda G. Church 1998 Chemical Engineering
New Philadelphia Mr. Gary S. Owensby 1987 Applied Science
New Philadelphia Mr. Kevin D. Jenkins 1988 Chemical Engineering
Newark Mrs. D'Esta Darlene Booth 1984
Applied Science
Electrical Engineering
North Bend Mr. David H. Mattingly 1968 Chemical Engineering
North Bend Mr. William H. Jones 1969 Chemical Engineering
North Canton Mr. Larry R. Allen 1962 Mechanical Engineering
North Canton Mr. Ralph E. Manning, P.E. 1968 Mechanical Engineering
North Olmsted Mr. James B. Hayes, Jr. 1972 Chemical Engineering
Orient Mr. Curtis W. Wininger 1987 Applied Science
Peninsula Mr. Steven L. Grimes 1979 Electrical Engineering
Peninsula Ms. Linda S. Grimes 1982 Chemical Engineering
Pickerington Mr. James R. Drummond 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Pickerington Mr. Joseph P. Brewer 1984 Applied Science
Pickerington Mr. Michael R. Hammond 1981 Chemical Engineering
Powell Mr. Joel R. Blankenship 1997 Electrical Engineering
Powell Mr. Philip C. Norman 1983 Data Processing Technology
Powell Mr. Steven C. Lorence 1987 Chemical Engineering
Powell Walter L. Starkey, Ph.D. 1943 Mechanical Engineering
Reynoldsburg Capt. Arthur E. Wickerham 1967 Electrical Engineering
Reynoldsburg Mr. James E. Litterer 1954 Electrical Engineering
Reynoldsburg Mrs. Julie R. Strohm 1986 Data Processing Technology
Seven Hills James R. Fowler, Jr., Ph.D. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Sidney Mr. Nagaraj B. Jayanth 1991 Industrial Engineering
Sidney Mrs. Carol Sommer Hipple 1982 Electrical Engineering
South Bloomfield Mr. Anthony C. Nall 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Spring Valley Mr. Richard M. Stepler 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Springboro Mr. Eric J. Serenius 1986 Applied Science
Springfield Mr. Brian F. Weiss 1987 Applied Science
Stow Mr. Charles M. Pulley 2007 Industrial Engineering
Stow Mr. Paul G. Hanke 1959 Chemical Engineering
Sunbury Mr. Stephen P. Hodge 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Tallmadge James R. White, P.E. 1955 Chemical Engineering
Tipp City Dr. Mojgan Samardar 1983 Applied Science
Tipp City James W. Zehnder, II, P.E. 1983 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Tipp City Mr. Gary L. Gaither 1987 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Toledo Barry B. Walters, P.E. 1957 Electrical Engineering
Toledo Mr. Donald K. Wedding 1957 Chemical Engineering
Twinsburg Mr. Andrew L. Ishmael 1998 Chemical Engineering
Vandalia Mr. Bernard J. Bonn, Jr. 1941 Mechanical Engineering
Vandalia Mr. Douglas Anthony Cassin 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Vandalia Mr. Stephen L Pape 1987 Applied Science
Vandalia Mrs. Mei-Yen J. Wang 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Vermilion Mr. Frederic M. Schuler 1975 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
W Mansfield Mr. Adam P. Gress 2008 Mechanical Engineering
Waterville Mr. Lannie D. McCoy 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Waynesville Mr. John R. McKinley 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Waynesville Mr. Kenneth R. Fischer 1983 Applied Science
West Chester Mr. Jeffrey A. Thieman 2004 Electrical Engineering
West Chester Mr. John F. Spanyer 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
West Chester Mr. Mark Steven Kannel 1988 Engineering Science
West Chester Mr. Neal M. O'Koon 1982 Marketing
West Chester Mr. Robert J. Thomas 1990 Engineering Science
West Chester Mr. Shambhu V. Rao 1987 Physics
West Chester Mr. Thomas D. Shultz 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
West Chester Mr. Vinod K. Dasari 1988 Engineering Science
West Chester Mrs. Alison L. Wood 1991 Engineering Science
West Chester Mrs. Ericka J. Brown 1996 Chemical Engineering
West Chester Mrs. Sheryl K. Tekamp 1978 Chemical Engineering
West Chester Steven W. Horwatt, Ph.D. 1986 Applied Science
Westerville John R. Overley, Ph.D. 1968 Chemical Engineering
Westerville Mr. Alvin R. Voll, Jr. 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Westerville Mr. Darryl L. Taylor 1994 Engineering Science
Westerville Mr. Dennis Anthony Kruer 1988 Engineering Management
Westerville Mr. Jorge L. Nazario 1980 Electrical Engineering
Westerville Mr. Lawrence B. Hurst, Jr. 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Westerville Mr. Robert B. Cissell 2000 Business Administration
Westerville Mr. Robert J. Mudd 1952 Electrical Engineering
Westlake Mr. Greg Strasser 1993 Engineering Science
Westlake Mr. Shailesh N. Sheth 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Whitehouse Mr. Thomas M. Nolan 1982 Applied Science
Willoughby Mr. Kevin O. Henderson 1989 Chemical Engineering
Winchester Tongfeng Qian, Ph.D. 1999 Physics
Wooster Mr. Leroy A. Goff 1980 Chemical Engineering
Wright Patterson AFB Gregory L. Creech, Ph.D. 1996 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Xenia Mr. Frank M. Stauble, Jr. 1969 Electrical Engineering
Xenia Mr. J. Patrick Boone 1958 Electrical Engineering
Xenia Mr. John D. Braun 1985 Applied Science
Xenia Mr. Malcolm L. Erich 1956 Mechanical Engineering
Xenia Mr. Melvin G. Arnold 1968 Electrical Engineering


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