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Speed Alumni Residing in Michigan

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Michigan.


City Name Graduation
Allendale Mostafa M. El-Said, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Ann Arbor Dale E. Briggs, Ph.D. 1953 Chemical Engineering
Ann Arbor Mr. Aaron R. Johnson 2001 Electrical Engineering
Ann Arbor Mr. Davor Copic 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Ann Arbor Mr. Edward R. Lady 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Ann Arbor Mr. John M. Crowe 1987 Applied Science
Ann Arbor Mr. Laike Misikir 1984 Applied Science
Ann Arbor Mr. Larry R. Berry 1965 Electrical Engineering
Ann Arbor Mr. Roger E. Headrick 1949 Chemical Engineering
Ann Arbor Ms. Srikala Ramanathan 1985 Electrical Engineering
Ann Arbor Ravi Ramanathan, Ph.D. 1983 Chemical Engineering
Baldwin Mr. John W. Eichhorn, III 1960 Electrical Engineering
Battle Creek Mr. Michael A. Brewer 1980 Chemical Engineering
Belleville Ms. Tamara L. Gage 1984 Applied Science
Berrien Springs Mr. David C. Jones 1986 Applied Science
Birmingham Ms. Magdalina A. Michael 1991 Engineering Science
Bloomfield Hills Mr. Jennings P. French 1984 Mechanical Engineering
Bloomfield Hills Mr. Trilok N. Desai 1978 Engineering Management
Boon Mr. Ronald L. Klinger 1990 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Canton Mr. James W. Gray 1987 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Canton Mr. Jeffrey A. Zegarra 2005 Electrical Engineering
Canton Mr. Mark Viergutz 1992 Engineering Science
Canton Mrs. Stephanie O. Storen-Jett 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Chesterfield Mr. Kevin A. Vanyo 2002 Industrial Engineering
Clawson Lt. Col. Randall M. Safier 1989 Engineering Science
Clawson Ms. Selamawit Asfaw 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Coleman Mr. David S. Garrett 1983 Applied Science
Commerce Township Mr. Richard Todd Bickel 1990 Engineering Science
Dexter Mr. Jeffrey M. Travis 1987 Applied Science
Farmington Hills Mr. Joseph D. Miller 1972 Electrical Engineering
Farmington Hills Mr. Mahmoud R. Houalla 1990 Electrical Engineering
Farmington Hills Mr. Patrick M. O'Bryan 1961 Electrical Engineering
Farmington Hills Mr. Praveen Govindaraj 1999 Industrial Engineering
Farmington Hills Mr. Robert A. Hughes 1983 Applied Science
Farmington Hills Mr. Stephen C. Hill 1986 Applied Science
Farmington Hills Mrs. Tarulata P. Shah 1992 Engineering Science
Farmington Hills Ms. Jen H. Lin 1988 Engineering Science
Fenton Mr. Robert C. Walker 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Flat Rock Mr. Kenneth A. Ryan 2006 Engineering Management
Garden City Mr. Antone D. Schweitzer 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Grand Rapids John H. Stivers, P.E. 1970 Civil Engineering
Greenville Mr. William V. Stieben 1992 Engineering Science
Houghton Alaa El-Din A. Aly, Ph.D. 2007 Electrical Engineering
Hudsonville Mr. Gary L. Bernauer 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Hudsonville Mr. Michael A. Bryson, P.E. 1975 Electrical Engineering
Kalamazoo Mr. Paul H. Sloan, Jr. 1982 Engineering Management
Lansing Mr. Thomas A. Fort, Jr. 1963 Civil Engineering
Linden Mr. Charles K. Maddox 1984 Applied Science
Livonia Mr. Stephen J. Kelleher 1985 Applied Science
Livonia Mr. Thomas H. Wendeln 1985 Applied Science
Livonia Mr. Timothy F. Kilroy 1986 Applied Science
Livonia Mr. Timothy J. Orow 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Midland Dr. Li C. Tien 1960 Chemical Engineering
Midland Joseph Dooley, Ph.D. 1978 Chemical Engineering
Midland Mr. Clark R. Pashby 1984 Chemical Engineering
Midland Mr. Dominic A. Zoeller 1988 Engineering Science
Midland Mr. Donald H. Newton 1992 Engineering Science
Midland Mr. Frank King, Jr. 1976 Civil Engineering
Midland Mr. Howard H. Graves 1963 Chemical Engineering
Midland Mr. Keith E. Toole 1993 Engineering Science
Midland Mr. Leonard E. Smallwood, Jr. 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Midland Mr. Michael G. Long 1993 Mechanical Engineering
Midland Mr. R. Leon Willis, Jr. 1984 Applied Science
Midland Mr. Raymond L. Tabler 1983 Applied Science
Midland Mr. Sontirat Kupatavetin 1980 Civil Engineering
Midland Mr. Walter V. Finn 1987 Applied Science
Milford Ms. Joyce A. Rolls PE 1987 Mechanical Engineering
Monroe Mr. Kenneth R. Jaynes 1983 Electrical Engineering
Monroe Mr. Martin Joseph Dubois 1991 Electrical Engineering
New Boston Mr. Michael C. Parks 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Northville Mr. James D. Young 1990 Engineering Science
Northville Ms. Anne M. Young 1991 Engineering Science
Novi Mr. Anthony L. Marks 1974 Electrical Engineering
Novi Mr. Randall P. McCure 1978 Mechanical Engineering
Paw Paw Damon A. Miller, Ph.D. 1988 Engineering Science
Plymouth Ms. Susan E. Kroll 1997 Engineering Management
Pontiac Babatunde Ibrahim Aremu, Ph.D. 1990 Chemical Engineering
Portage Mr. Hung V. Pham 1973 Electrical Engineering
Portage Mr. Naseeruddin Syed 1999 Industrial Engineering
Portage Mr. Robert W. McNutt 1988 Engineering Science
Redford Ms. Tanikka C. Davis 1993 Engineering Science
Richmond Mr. Thomas R. McGrew, Jr. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Rochester Hills Mr. Brian K. Grosser 1983 Chemical Engineering
Rochester Hills Mr. Russell R. Carter 1980 Mechanical Engineering
Roscommon Mr. Terry M. Shaltz 1978 Aerospace Medicine
Saginaw Mr. Yetu A. Yachim 2006 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Saint Joseph Mr. Walter E. McCrory 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Saint Joseph Mrs. Danielle M. Hafling 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Saint Joseph Mrs. Ginger S. Lange 1994 Electrical Engineering
Shelby Township Cary Drake Perttunen PhD 1990 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
South Lyon Mr. J. R. Sims II 1991 Engineering Science
South Lyon Mrs. Jacqueline Cassoutt 1998 Engineering Management
Southfield Mr. Thomas A. Roy 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Southgate Mr. Andy M. Chan 2002 Electrical Engineering
Sterling Heights Mr. George Isaac 1986 Applied Science
Sterling Heights Ms. Lynn M. Clashman 2001 Mechanical Engineering
Trenton Ms. Sreedevi Racherla 1995 Civil Engineering
Troy Mr. Aliasgar A. Sareea 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Troy Mr. James T. Haven 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Troy Mr. Kestutis A. Sonta 1986 Chemical Engineering
Troy Mr. Mark A. Gathof 1984 Applied Science
Troy Mr. Ram Kannan 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Troy Mr. Yuelin Chen 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Warren Mr. Scott E. Noble 2003 Industrial Engineering
West Bloomfield Mr. Amir S. Fallahi 1986 Civil Engineering
West Bloomfield Mr. Behrooz M. Fallahi 1982 Civil Engineering
West Bloomfield Mr. Paul W. Jones, Jr. 1977 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
West Bloomfield Mrs. Jaswinder K. Sidhu 1982 Data Processing Technology
Westland Mr. David R. Snowden 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Westland Mr. Jayanti L. Aswani 1976 Engineering Management
White Lake Mr. Robert E. Fulton 1979 Industrial Engineering
Williamsburg Mr. David Langdon Spitzer 1946 Chemical Engineering
Williamston Mr. Philip B. Hayden, Jr. 1986 Applied Science
Wixom Mr. Danny R. Logsdon 1984 Applied Science
Wyoming Mr. Eric W. Hoskinson 1977 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Ypsilanti Mr. Donald W. Kahl 1999 Mechanical Engineering
Zeeland Ms. Rebecca Zwyghuizen 2007 Civil Engineering


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