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Speed Alumni Residing in Florida

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Florida.


City Name Graduation
Altamonte Springs Mr. Erwin Sigrist 1955 Electrical Engineering
Altamonte Springs Mr. Gary A. Yocum 1992 Engineering Science
Altoona Mr. Donald R. Kinker 1946 Mechanical Engineering
Apollo Beach Mr. Robert S. Bramel 1994 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Apopka Ms. Mary O. Clark 1992 Nursing(BSN & MSN Degrees)
Apopka Ms. Sherry C. Collier 1982 Data Processing Technology
Apopka Mr. Terry L. Miller, Jr. 1992 Engineering Science
Atlantic Beach Mr. Eric A. Shimer 2000 Civil Engineering
Avon Park Mr. Ronald J. Kramer 1979 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Avon Park Mr. Plummer C. Smither, Jr. 1955 Civil Engineering
Beverly Hills Mr. Gerald Helder 1947 Electrical Engineering
Boca Raton Mr. Jack Futerfas 1948 Electrical Engineering
Boca Raton Mr. Mahmoud F. Ismail 1992 Engineering Science
Boca Raton Ms. Quan T. Khong 1986 Data Processing Technology
Boca Raton Mr. William C. Kotheimer 1951 Electrical Engineering
Boca Raton Mr. Kevin J. Runner 1991 Engineering Science
Boca Raton Mr. Karl Schwalbe 1954 Electrical Engineering
Bonita Spgs Mr. Thomas R. Ballard 1968 Chemical Engineering
Bonita Springs Mr. Robert A. Culberson 1958 Chemical Engineering
Boynton Beach Mr. Dennis A. Colby 1985 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Boynton Beach Mr. Alan F. Neel, II 1972 Electrical Engineering
Boynton Beach Mr. Kenneth R. Payne 1984 Applied Science
Bradenton Mr. Ronald T. Bakan 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Mr. Donald T. Fowler 1953 Electrical Engineering
Brandon Jerry L. Jamison, M.D. 1989 Internal Medicine
Brandon Mr. Ajay K. Nalamala 2005 Electrical Engineering
Brooksville Cmdr. Steven G. Erick 1974 Chemical Engineering
Brooksville Mr. James A. Mann 1960 Civil Engineering
Cape Canaveral Ms. Kimberly M. Kelly 2002 Industrial Engineering
Cape Canaveral Mr. Cory L. Patrick 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Cape Coral Benjamin G. Martin, M.D. 1954 Mechanical Engineering
Casselberry Mr. John D. Keown 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Clearwater Mr. Jackson G. Moore 1998 Electrical Engineering
Clearwater Beach Mr. Maher F. Wissa 1972
Cocoa Mr. Dale L. Smith, II 1982 Natural Sciences
Cocoa Mr. Terry C. Taylor 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Coconut Creek Mr. Richard Doctor 1961 Civil Engineering
Coral Springs Mr. Eric D. Brooks 1981 Electrical Engineering
Coral Springs Stephanie S. Brooks, P.E. 1982 Environmental Engineering
Coral Springs Jari P. Jarvinen, Ph.D. 1993 Industrial Engineering
Coral Springs Mr. William J. Jhoslien 1989 Engineering Science
Coral Springs Mr. Todd M. Russell 1994 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Coral Springs Mr. Eugene D. Schaltenbrand 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Crystal River Mr. Richard L. Morris 1984 Applied Science
Davie Mr. Nasser A. Akhavan 1986 Applied Science
Daytona Beach Mr. Christopher D. Grant 1992 Engineering Science
Debary Mr. Jorge E. Elias 1987 Applied Science
Debary Mr. Ralph D. King 1964 Electrical Engineering
Deland Thomas M. Cambron, Ph.D. 1966 Electrical Engineering
Delray Beach Mr. Howard J. Grossman 1950 Electrical Engineering
Delray Beach Mr. Herbert S. Schwartz 1951 Chemical Engineering
Deltona Mr. James E. Ward, Sr. 1960
Destin Mr. Jeffrey L. Anderson 1969 Electrical Engineering
Doral Ms. Anindita Biswas 2002 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Doral Mr. Abel R. Chevalier 0 Electrical Engineering
Dunedin Gordon H. Westermann, P.E. 1957 Mechanical Engineering
El Portal Mr. Tesham B. Gor 1995 Industrial Engineering
Eustis Mr. W. Michael Cantrell 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Flagler Beach Mr. William E. Geiger, Jr. 1979
Fort Lauderdale Mr. Wallace A. Hardin 1988 Data Processing Technology
Fort Lauderdale Elsayed E. Hemayed, Ph.D. 1999 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Fort Lauderdale Mr. Christopher M. Kerlin 1983 Applied Science
Fort Myers Mr. Eric M. Carrico 2002 Civil Engineering
Fort Myers Mrs. Sherry R. Cox 1988 Accountancy
Fort Myers Mr. Robert F. Crone, Jr. 1956 Chemical Engineering
Fort Myers Mrs. Jane W. Doescher 1946 Electrical Engineering
Fort Myers Capt. Walter W. Doescher, USN, Ret. 1946 Electrical Engineering
Fort Myers Mr. Robert M. Haragan 1945 Mechanical Engineering
Fort Myers Mr. George C. Huskamp 1959 Chemical Engineering
Fort Myers Mr. Jack G. Miller 1961 Chemical Engineering
Fort Myers Mr. D. Kent Russell, P.E. 1969 Civil Engineering
Fort Myers Mr. Don R. Tucker 1949 Chemical Engineering
Fort Myers Beach Maj. Kenneth J. Morris, Ret. 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Fort Pierce Mrs. Amy D. Zwemer 1991 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fort Walton Beach Mr. David S. Cocanougher 1983 Applied Science
Gainesville Ms. Lisa J. Baker 2000 Civil Engineering
Gainesville Mr. Henry Carlton Crutchfield 1978 Engineering Management
Gainesville Mr. Wesley C. Fertig, Jr. 1948 Electrical Engineering
Gainesville Keith B. Whitmer, M.D. 1994 Engineering Science
Gainesville Mrs. Seniha E. Yuksel 2005 Electrical Engineering
Geneva Mr. Gregg S. Baker 1976 Civil Engineering
Graceville Mr. James S. Kelly 1967 Chemical Engineering
Gulf Breeze Theodore F. Elbert, III, Ph.D. 1954 Electrical Engineering
Gulfport Capt. Clark Scherer, Jr., P.E. 1953 Civil Engineering
Hernando Mr. Albert F. Schroedel 1960 Electrical Engineering
Hernando Mr. Stuart L. Stauss 1962 Electrical Engineering
High Springs Mr. Douglas A. Lawson 1976 Electrical Engineering
Hollywood Mr. Ruben Dreszer 1976 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Hollywood Mr. Ralph M. Peck, Jr. 1974 Civil Engineering
Indian Harbour Beach Mr. Fred M. Markham 1977 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Tesfa-Alem Abraha 1990 Engineering Science
Jacksonville Mr. Christopher M. Amis 2000 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Waldo J. Andrade 1992 Data Processing Technology
Jacksonville Nitindra N. Athavale, Ph.D. 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Jacksonville Mrs. Mary N. Bush 1997 Chemical Engineering
Jacksonville Mrs. Jill A. Craig 1986 Applied Science
Jacksonville Mr. John T. Donnelly 1976 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Sherif A. El-Fayoumy, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Jacksonville Mr. John G. Hegeman 1975 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Keith R. Hufford 1991 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Jacksonville Ms. Kusum D. Jain 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Jacksonville Mr. Tyrone F. McCloud 1988 Engineering Science
Jacksonville Mr. Robert E. McCormick 1981 Chemical Engineering
Jacksonville William T. McDonald, Ph.D. 1968 Chemical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Charles T. Miller, Jr. 1984 Civil Engineering Technology
Jacksonville Michael S. Pearson, P.E. 2000 Chemical Engineering
Jacksonville Martin J. Polsenski, Jr., USN, Ret. 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Paul B. Rectenwald 1993 Engineering Science
Jacksonville Mr. Rodolpho A. Ribeiro 2008 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Bharatkumar J. Sanghvi 1995 Electrical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Bernard H. Voor, Jr. 1954 Civil Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Dennis E. Shaughnessy 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Gerald J. Versluys 1991 Engineering Science
Jacksonville Mr. Kenneth L. Wilkey 1982 Environmental Engineering
Jennings Mr. Thomas E. Richards 1960 Chemical Engineering
Jupiter Mr. Bahram Keshavarzi 1987 Civil Engineering
Jupiter Mr. David B. Hudson 1981 Mechanical Engineering
Lady Lake Mr. Jay C. Burckle 1959 Electrical Engineering
Lady Lake Mr. William M. Hofmeister 1981 Chemical Engineering
Lady Lake Mr. Dean R. Springer 1964 Chemical Engineering
Lake Mary Mr. Hernando A. Torres 1986 Data Processing Technology
Lake Wales Mr. Timothy T. Hudson 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Lake Worth James G. Mittel, P.E. 1982 Applied Science
Lakeland Mr. Gerald A. Petro 1963 Civil Engineering
Lakeland Mr. J. Warren Slack, Jr. 1947 Chemical Engineering
Lakewood Ranch Mr. David L. Brucker 1960 Chemical Engineering
Land O Lakes Mr. James C. Michels, Jr. 1988 Electrical Engineering
Largo Mr. Marvin O. Comstock 1960 Electrical Engineering
Largo Mr. Bruce L. Curran 1958 Chemical Engineering
Largo Mr. Robert A. Gillespie 1950 Chemical Engineering
Largo Mr. Ronald L. Steiger 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Lauderhill Ms. Kara Repinski 1984 Data Processing Technology
Leesburg Mr. Charles M. Wollert 1962 Chemical Engineering
Leesburg Mr. William E. Jarett 1956 Electrical Engineering
Lithia Mr. Joel C. Justen 1996 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Lithia Mr. Mark B. Kinney 1988 Engineering Science
Live Oak Mr. Kenneth W. Watts 1980 Mechanical Engineering
Longwood Mr. Talal J. Aboul-Hosn 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Lutz Mr. James P. Clark 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Lutz Mr. Jason L. King 2001 Electrical Engineering
Lynn Haven John R. Billingsley, M.D. 1976 Chemical Engineering
Lynn Haven Mr. Billy J. Nunn 1971 Chemical Engineering
Matlacha Mr. Allen R. Martin 1974 Electrical Engineering
Melbourne Mr. Ted A. Gutwein 1964 Electrical Engineering
Melbourne Mr. Bruce L. Hood 1975 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Melbourne Mr. Carl M. Kern 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Melbourne Ms. Charlotte A. Meredith 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Melbourne Mr. Michael J. Seals 1992 Engineering Science
Melbourne Mr. Wun-Yein Wang 1989 Electrical Engineering
Merritt Island Mr. Christopher S. Forney 1989 Engineering Science
Merritt Island Mr. John A. Battcher, III 1986 Applied Science
Merritt Island Mr. Perry L. Becker 1986 Applied Science
Merritt Island Mr. Harry R. Highstone, Jr. 1987 Applied Science
Merritt Island Ms. Lauren E. Price 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Merritt Island Mr. Todd A. Steinrock 1984 Applied Science
Miami Mr. Jose M. Amado Abad 2002 Engineering Management
Miami Mr. Rony E. Carrillo 1993 Chemical Engineering
Miami Mr. Ali M. Rahimtulla 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Miami Herberth P. Stackmann, Ph.D. 1990 Mathematics
Miami Mr. Vineeth J. Thripuraneni 2007 Electrical Engineering
Miami Ms. Hon-Leung Tong 1992 Engineering Science
Miami Beach Mr. Gary T. Kinsella 1972 Electrical Engineering
Miami Beach Ms. Carla A. Probus 1985 Applied Science
Milton Mr. John A. Johannemann 1989 Engineering Science
Milton Mr. Jeffrey G. Raggard 1983 Applied Science
Mims Mrs. Julie E. Clements 1988 Engineering Science
Minneola Ms. Lisa M. Beauvois 1991 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Minneola Mr. Frank J. O'Keefe 2005 Civil Engineering
Miramar Mr. Luis A. Yanes 2000 Electrical Engineering
Miromar Lakes Mr. Richard W. Rademaker, Sr. 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Naples Mr. Derek I. Huber 2003 Civil Engineering
Naples Mr. Fontaine T. Kremer, Jr. 1954 Chemical Engineering
Naples Ms. Alison B. Huber 2001 Environmental Engineering
Naples Mr. Norbert J. Schneider 1956 Mechanical Engineering
Navarre Mr. Henry C. Sherman, Jr. 1966 Chemical Engineering
New Port Richey Mr. Louis P. Schaefer, Jr. 1981 Chemical Engineering
New Smyrna Beach Mr. Charles T. Roller, Jr. 1983 Data Processing Technology
Niceville Mr. William J. Board, Jr. 1960 Chemical Engineering
Niceville Mr. Leon E. Harris 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Nokomis Mr. Richard J. Sheehan 1964 Chemical Engineering
North Lauderdale Ms. Eileen E. Noland 1981 Data Processing Technology
North Miami Beach Mr. Donald P. Pilling 1987 Applied Science
North Port Mr. Edward J. Sacksteder, Jr. 1964 Chemical Engineering
Ocala Mr. Richard M. Everhart 1969 Chemical Engineering
Ocala Mr. Robert J. Gatenbee, Jr. 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Ocala Mr. Garry L. Gerlach 1971 Civil Engineering
Ocala Mr. Nicholas E. Ludwig 1963 Chemical Engineering
Ocala Mr. Stuart L. Scott, Jr. 1988 Engineering Science
Oldsmar Mr. Joseph J. Wujick 1999 Electrical Engineering
Orange Park Mr. Robert K. Bass 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Orange Park Mr. William F. Dawson, Jr. 1986 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Orange Park Mr. Kenneth C. Judd, Sr. 1975 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Orange Park Robert R. Miller, P.E. 1954 Mechanical Engineering
Orlando Mr. Daniel F. Burke, Jr. 1985 Applied Science
Orlando Mr. Robert P. Castagno 1986 Electrical Engineering
Orlando Mr. V. Edward Gold, Jr. 1985 Applied Science
Orlando Mr. Steven R. Greenwood 1986 Applied Science
Orlando Mr. Joshua J. Hornsby 2004 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Orlando Mr. Clarence H. Jackson, III 1974 Electrical Engineering
Orlando Ben Lovelace, P.E. 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Orlando Mr. Babel Mathew 1997 Electrical Engineering
Orlando Pak C. Ng, Ph.D. 1988 Experimental Psychology
Orlando Ms. Minhtuyet T. Nguyen 1993 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Orlando Mr. Emory E. Phlegar, Jr. 2000 Industrial Engineering
Orlando Mr. Todd M. Russelburg 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Orlando Michael A. Tharp, P.E. 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Orlando Mr. Mark S Tomassi 1979 Electrical Engineering
Orlando Mr. Dung T. Ton 1979 Electrical Engineering
Orlando Mr. Howard L. Watson 1949 Chemical Engineering
Orlando Mrs. Eva F. Walper 1989 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Oviedo Mr. Craig W. Dick 1999 Electrical Engineering
Oviedo Mr. Scott A. Pulford 1999 Industrial Engineering
Oviedo Mrs. Felicia I. Schlemmer 1991 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Palm Bay Mr. Joseph A. Fredrick 1971 Electrical Engineering
Palm Bay Mr. Robert E. Harvey 1966 Electrical Engineering
Palm Bay Mr. Eric J. Kleier 2001 Civil Engineering
Palm Beach Gardens Mr. Paul M. Buxe 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Palm Beach Gardens Ms. Sherril A. Shipley 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Palm Beach Gardens Mr. Mark A. Sinkhorn 1992 Engineering Science
Palm Beach Shores Mr. Bradley L. Ayres 1991 Engineering Science
Palm City Mr. Dwight D. Daniel 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Palm City Mr. Denny L. Elmore 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Palm City Mr. Harold T. Shehan 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Palm Harbor Mr. Yancey B. Abuton 1992 Biology
Palm Harbor Mr. Bang N. Do 1987 Applied Science
Palm Harbor Jimmie D. Hannaman, Jr., P.E. 1974 Civil Engineering
Palm Harbor Mr. Stephen J. Rogier 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Palm Harbor Ms. Huyen T. Tran 1987 Applied Science
Palmetto Bay Mr. Donald P. Sefcovic 1976 Civil Engineering Technology
Panama City Mr. Phillip J. Pfoertner 1995 Engineering Management
Panama City Mr. Robert J. Stetson 1988 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Panama City Mr. Kenneth L. Williams 1973 Chemical Engineering
Panama City Beach Mr. Lance E. Bonds 1990 Engineering Science
Parrish Ms. Laura G. Baxter 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Parrish Mr. Stephen E. Baxter 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Pembroke Pines Mr. Luis A. Camacho 1983 Applied Science
Pembroke Pines Mr. James L. Stephens 1989 Engineering Science
Pensacola Mr. Steven P. Caton 1987 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Pensacola Ms. Tawanna M. Cobble 2000 Industrial Engineering
Pensacola Mr. J. Robert Day 1962 Chemical Engineering
Pensacola Cmdr. Michael J. Kempf 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Richard W. Leins 1938 Mechanical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Kandasamy G. Mani 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Walter C. Marsh 1966 Electrical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Milton B. Rogers 1953 Chemical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Fred F. Sanders 1965 Chemical Engineering
Pensacola Mr. Arthur W. Summers 1964 Chemical Engineering
Perry Mr. Robert R. Childs 1949 Chemical Engineering
Plantation Mr. Morteza Aghaaliandastjerdi 1979 Civil Engineering
Plantation Mr. Harold Hendrix, Jr. 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Plantation Frederick L. Martin, Ph.D. 1979 Electrical Engineering
Plantation Mr. Tim A. Quirey 1972 Electrical Engineering
Pompano Beach Mr. F. Robert Ellwanger, Jr. 1941 Electrical Engineering
Pompano Beach Mr. Stephen L. McMillan, Sr. 1956 Mechanical Engineering
Ponte Vedra Beach Sanjay P. Ahuja, Ph.D. 1993 Electrical Engineering
Ponte Vedra Beach Mr. Wendell F. Miller, Jr. 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Ponte Vedra Beach Mr. Bernard L. Oechsli 1959 Chemical Engineering
Ponte Vedra Beach John D. Scott, M.D. 1981 Chemical Engineering
Port Charlotte Clarence B. Diersing, Jr., P.E. 1953 Electrical Engineering
Port Charlotte Mr. John T. Gerhardt 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Port Charlotte Mr. John H. Reeves 1960 Electrical Engineering
Port Orange Mr. Angereau G. Ormsby, Jr. 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Port Saint Lucie Mr. John J. Frank 1998 Industrial Engineering
Port Saint Lucie Mr. F. David Kintler 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Port Saint Lucie Ms. Marsha L. Yeager 1978 Data Processing Technology
Punta Gorda Mr. Herbert D. Bradley, Jr. 1949 Chemical Engineering
Riverview Mrs. Mirjana O. Jeftic 2002 Industrial Engineering
Punta Gorda Robert J. Wright, P.E. 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Saint Augustine Mr. Kelly M. Burton 1989 Engineering Science
Saint Augustine Mr. Kevan A. Ostrander 1986 Data Processing Technology
Saint Johns Mr. William H. Sloan 1975 Civil Engineering
Saint Petersburg Mr. Vaughn N. Anderson 1972 Chemical Engineering
Saint Petersburg Ms. Fariba R. Cavitt 1983 Applied Science
Saint Petersburg Mr. Michael C. Dezarn 1982 Data Processing Technology
Saint Petersburg Mr. Winston A. Johnson 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Saint Petersburg Cmdr. Donald M. Miller 1953 Electrical Engineering
Saint Petersburg Mr. Babak Rezvani 1986 Applied Science
Sanford Mr. Jon A. Rothman 1995 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Sanibel Mr. Harold L. Theiss, Jr. 1958 Electrical Engineering
Santa Rosa Beach Ms. Sally A. Bailey 1987 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Santa Rosa Beach Mr. Blaine E. Dargavell 2002 Civil Engineering
Sarasota Mr. Timothy W. Foushee 2000 Civil Engineering
Sarasota Mr. William J. Hollis, Sr. 1947 Civil Engineering
Seminole Mr. Alan A. Kleier 1976 Mechanical Engineering
Seminole Ms. Deborah Tooke 1983 Data Processing Technology
Seminole Mr. Gregory Williams 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Seminole Mr. Jack V. Winter 1975 Electrical Engineering
South Pasadena Rev. Harold L. Wahking 1954 Civil Engineering
Spring Hill Mr. Kenneth W. Sallings 0 Comp Eng and Comp Science
St Pete Beach Mr. John S. Karpinski, P.E. 1973 Civil Engineering
St Pete Beach Mr. Lawrence M. Stamper, II 1991 Engineering Science
St Petersburg Mr. Lawrence D. Bach 1989 Engineering Science
St Petersburg Ms. Roya Rezvani 1984 Applied Science
St Petersburg Beach Mr. James M. Kingsbury 1975 Civil Engineering Technology
Summerfield Mr. Henry J. Saam, Jr. 1952 Electrical Engineering
Sun City Center Mr. Raymond L. Meyer 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Sunrise Mohamed M. Battisha, Ph.D. 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sunrise Mr. Jeffrey R. Noland 1990 Engineering Science
Tampa Joseph A. Amon, P.E. 1972 Civil Engineering
Tallahassee Mr. Michael E. Kimbler 1992 Engineering Science
Tallahassee Mr. Douglas A. Klotter 1978 Electrical Engineering
Tallahassee Mr. Jonathan O. Lich 1967 Civil Engineering
Tallahassee Mr. Roger D. Madden 1963 Electrical Engineering
Tallahassee Mr. Chad A. Thompson 1998 Civil Engineering
Tampa Mr. Edward D. Anshutz 1965 Electrical Engineering
Tampa Ms. Carol A. Coon 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Tampa Mr. Barry P. Gassaway 1983 Applied Science
Tampa Mr. Hays A. Gailbreath 1956 Chemical Engineering
Tampa Mr. Kenneth L. Harris 1990 Engineering Science
Tampa Mr. Lawrence D. Hume 1947 Mechanical Engineering
Tampa Mr. Michael R. Key 1978 Data Processing Technology
Tampa Mr. James R. Minsterl 1971 Electrical Engineering
Tampa Woodrow L. Moore, Ph.D., P.E 1968 Civil Engineering
Tampa Ms. Rebecca Ann Overstreet 1980 Management
Tampa Mr. Malcolm L. Taylor 1933 Chemical Engineering
Tampa Mr. Ravi C. Surapaneni 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
The Villages Mr. John E. Borntraeger 1968 Electrical Engineering
Titusville Mrs. Margaret M. Garr 1937 Chemical Engineering
Titusville Mr. Kenneth A. Hale 1989 Engineering Science
Titusville Mr. Robert D. Harris, Jr. 1980 Electrical Engineering
Titusville Mr. Matthew B. Mattingly 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Titusville Mr. Savrith A. Niev 1985 Applied Science
Titusville Mr. James A. Voor, Sr. 1955 Mechanical Engineering
Valrico Mr. Larry E. Cummings 1964 Electrical Engineering
Venice Mr. Carl H. Kotheimer, Jr. 1943 Chemical Engineering
Venice Mr. Randolph A. Shipley 1968 Electrical Engineering
Vero Beach Mr. John W. Slaton 1972 Chemical Engineering
Viera Mr. Joseph F. Woidich 1984 Applied Science
Weeki Wachee Mr. Charles L. Whitmarsh 1955 Chemical Engineering
Wesley Chapel Mr. Michael P. Atkisson 2004 Comp Eng and Comp Science
West Palm Beach Mr. Bill Paris 1987 Applied Science
Weston Mr. Shahriar R. Moosavi 1983 Applied Science
Windermere Ms. Mary D. McElyea 1989 Electrical Engineering
Winter Haven Mr. Fred T. Fulks 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Winter Park Mr. Lawrence D. Bauer 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Winter Park Ms. Lauren E. Logan 1997 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Winter Park Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, Ph.D. 1983 Chemical Engineering
Winter Park Mr. Robert E. Vaughan, III 1956 Mechanical Engineering
Winter Springs Mr. Joseph R. Cox 1978 Electrical Engineering
Winter Springs Mr. Charles J. Voss 1974 Environmental Engineering
Zephyrhills Mr. Richard G. Batchellor 1957 Mechanical Engineering


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