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Speed Alumni Residing in Colorado

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Colorado.


City Name Graduation
Arvada Mr. David M. Carroll 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Aurora Ms. Sara L. Hadley 1985 Applied Science
Aurora Mr. Gerard A. Mercure 1979 Electrical Engineering
Berthoud Mr. Greggory W. Pulley 1996 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Berthoud Mrs. Patricia M. Pulley 1996 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Boulder Mr. James D. Moore 1965 Electrical Engineering
Boulder Dr. Gerald B. Lammers 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Boulder Mr. Eugene M. Scifres 1936 Chemical Engineering
Broomfield Mrs. Mary Chady 1979 Chemical Engineering
Broomfield Mr. Rodney J. Cope 1995 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Broomfield Mr. Stephen Chady 1978 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Broomfield Mr. Gary L. Johnston 1979 Applied Mathematics
Broomfield Mrs. Jane S. Roberts 1983 Applied Science
Broomfield Gary B. Semones, Ph.D., P.E. 1980 Chemical Engineering
Broomfield Mr. Jeffrey R. Slyter 1982 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Castle Rock Mr. Steven L. Esterle 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Centennial Ms. Minga J. Banks 1979 Electrical Engineering
Centennial Mr. Richard P. Dries 1975 Aerospace Medicine
Centennial Mr. Richard T. Hill 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Colorado Springs Mr. Rooin Ahoor 1982 Applied Science
Colorado Springs Mr. Ramin Ahour 1986 Electrical Engineering
Colorado Springs Mr. Edward R. Ashton, Jr. 1979 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Colorado Springs Mr. Richard F. Breidenbach 1974 Applied Mathematics
Colorado Springs Nina L. Brokaw, USA (Ret.) 1992 Industrial Engineering
Colorado Springs Ms. Alicia T. Castro 2003 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Colorado Springs Mr. John E. Fertig, Jr. 1982 Chemical Engineering
Colorado Springs Mrs. Trucmai C. Gupta 1994 Engineering Science
Colorado Springs Mr. James Howze, Jr. 1982 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Colorado Springs Mr. Joseph T. Lozar, Jr. 1974 Biomedical Engineering
Colorado Springs Mr. Roy E. Nachand 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Colorado Springs Mr. Houshang K. Ranjbar 1982 Applied Science
Colorado Springs Mr. Jason R. Williamson 1995 Electrical Engineering
Colorado Springs Mr. Roger P. Yanda 1976 Applied Mathematics
Denver Mr. T. Geoffrey Brown 1982 Data Processing Technology
Denver Joan O. Henehan, P.E. 1983 Applied Science
Denver Mr. Joseph A. Hagan 1994 Mechanical Engineering
Denver Mr. Jude A. Kolb 1982 Civil Engineering Technology
Elbert Mr. David O. Johnson 1989 Engineering Science
Elizabeth Ms. Rebecca S. Martin 1984 Data Processing Technology
Estes Park Mr. Steven Ferguson 1982 Applied Science
Estes Park William L. Conger, Ph.D. 1960 Chemical Engineering
Evergreen Mr. Stephen K. Richardson 1985 Applied Science
Fort Collins Mr. Frank W. Bennett 1969 Electrical Engineering
Fort Collins Mr. Thomas F. Heil 1985 Applied Science
Greeley Mr. Daniel P. Thomas 1991 Engineering Science
Idaho Springs Mr. Charles P. Black 1970 Chemical Engineering
Lafayette Mr. Joseph R. DeLellis 1985 Applied Science
Littleton Annie Asif Baig 2004 Electrical Engineering
Littleton Mr. Robert L. Duncan 1979 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Littleton Ms. Joyce M. Graham 1983 Applied Science
Littleton Mr. Jeremy M. Nett 2000 Electrical Engineering
Littleton Mr. Don A. Poulter 1975 Civil Engineering
Littleton Mr. Robert E. Schweiss 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Littleton Mr. Steven E. Steinrock 1983 Applied Science
Littleton Mr. Eric S. Weidner 1993 Mechanical Engineering
Littleton Mr. Raymond L. Wiseman 1954 Mechanical Engineering
Longmont Mr. Timothy J. Berry 1984 Applied Science
Longmont Mr. Gary F. Gooding 1983 Electrical Engineering
Longmont Mr. J. Richard Hollos 1990 Engineering Science
Longmont Mr. Stefan Hollos 1988 Engineering Science
Longmont Mr. Don S. Nelson 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Longmont Mr. Don R. Winner 1957 Electrical Engineering
Louisville Mr. David A. Jones 1996 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mr. Robert H. Bork 1969 Electrical Engineering
Loveland Mr. David W. Thompson 1980 Electrical Engineering
Monument Mr. Ronald L. Flesch 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Morrison Mr. David P. Bergeron 1979 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Pagosa Springs Mr. Gautam N. Shah 1964 Chemical Engineering
Parker William P. Keister, Ph.D. 1961 Chemical Engineering
Superior Mr. Ramin Akrami 1992 Engineering Science
Westminster Mr. Keith F. Noe 1986 Applied Science
Westminster Mr. Paul A. Schwartz 1988 Data Processing Technology


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