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Speed Alumni Residing in Arizona

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Oregon.


City Name Graduation
Chandler Mr. Doi V. Ly 1996 Electrical Engineering
Chandler Mr. Paul A. Spatz 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Chandler Mr. William L. Bradley 1990 Engineering Science
Chandler Mrs. Jeanne T. Burnes 1986 Electrical Engineering
Chandler Mrs. Tracy E. Wilhardt 1985 Applied Science
Chandler Ms. Tanja H. Schmitt 1980 Management
Gilbert Mr. Owen B. Thompson, Jr. 1980 Electrical Engineering
Gilbert Mr. Richard E. Ward 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Gilbert Mr. Trenton Ray Ingrim 1995 Electrical Engineering
Glendale Mr. Simon H. Plattus 1959 Electrical Engineering
Goodyear Mr. Ronald J. Miller 1963 Electrical Engineering
Lake Havasu City Mr. Frederick R. Krafcik 1965 Electrical Engineering
Laveen Kevin Patrick Beck, P.E. 1994 Engineering Science
Maricopa Mr. Walter A. Bishoff, Jr. 1962 Electrical Engineering
Maricopa Ms. Tracey A. Kaiser 2002 Chemical Engineering
Mesa Mr. Jeffrey A. Clark 1979 Electrical Engineering
Mesa Mr. John H. Ahrens 1952 Mechanical Engineering
Mesa Mr. Walt H. Stover 1953 Chemical Engineering
Mesa Mrs. Deborah H. Clark 1976 Data Processing Technology
Oro Valley Mr. Allen J. Geswein 1968 Civil Engineering
Oro Valley Mr. Arthur A. Zirnheld 1958 Electrical Engineering
Oro Valley Mr. Robert M. Guibert 1969 Chemical Engineering
Peoria Mr. Michael K. Parker 1990 Data Processing Technology
Phoenix Col. Richard L. Gibson 1965 Electrical Engineering
Phoenix Lawrence A. Booth, Ph.D. 1956 Chemical Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Christopher J. Williams 1997 Engineering Science
Phoenix Mr. Edwin S. Gangluff 1948 Chemical Engineering
Phoenix Mr. J. Donald Herp 1964 Civil Engineering
Phoenix Mr. John C. Majors 1996 Chemical Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Jonghoon Kim 2006 Civil Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Mehran Vahabzadeh-Hagh 1983 Applied Science
Phoenix Mr. Muhammad Hasan Tariq 1984 Electrical Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Pankaj V. Gupte 2004 Civil Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Paul T. Bennett 1982 Electrical Engineering
Phoenix Mr. Russell S. Miles 2004 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Prescott Valley Mr. Martin D. Davis 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Sahuarita Mr. Mehzad Javidinejad 1984 Mechanical Engineering
Sahuarita Mr. Michael E. Kirby 1978 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Scottsdale Mr. George E. Anderson 1965 Electrical Engineering
Scottsdale Mr. J. K. Menges 1957 Electrical Engineering
Scottsdale Mr. James M. Curley 1979 Electrical Engineering
Scottsdale Mr. John D. Cosman, Jr. 1975 Engineering Management
Scottsdale Mr. Larry J. Yount 1973
Scottsdale Mr. Omer Bloyd, Jr. 1964 Electrical Engineering
Scottsdale Mr. Russell L. Hollars 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Scottsdale Mrs. Angela R. Barton 2000 Civil Engineering
Scottsdale Ms. Jessica K. Brown 1996 Electrical Engineering
Scottsdale Mrs. Gloria Wirth   Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sun City West Mr. Bill Essig 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Sun City West Mr. James P. Reed 1956 Electrical Engineering
Surprise Mr. Robert L. Kramer 1955 Civil Engineering
Tempe Mr. Forrest T.H. Holemon 1980 Applied Mathematics
Tempe Mr. John T. Lamont 1987 Applied Science
Tempe Mr. Michael S. Flynn 2006 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Tempe Mr. William H. Murtland 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Tempe Mrs. Lisa M. Lamont 1986 Applied Science
Tempe Ms. Gloria Jiang 1995 Electrical Engineering
Tucson David L. Tabb, Ph.D. 1969 Chemical Engineering
Tucson David W. Robinson, CPA 1956 Chemical Engineering
Tucson Mr. David H. Stone 1988 Engineering Science
Tucson Mr. David W. Baker 1988 Engineering Science
Tucson Mr. Donald E. Gerstle 1974 Electrical Engineering
Tucson Mr. Jeffery A. Douglas 1998 Electrical Engineering
Tucson Mr. Lyall J. Ditrapani 2006 Electrical Engineering
Tucson Mr. Regan D. Harris 1993 Engineering Science
Tucson Mr. William F. Newell 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Tucson Mr. William M. Trenholme 1946 Electrical Engineering
Tucson Mrs. Kathleen M. Wahl 1978 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Tucson Mrs. Stefanie Vaughan Gerstle 1974 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Vail Mr. Nicholas A. Williams 2001 Electrical Engineering
Yuma Mr. Donald L. Wright 1958 Electrical Engineering
Yuma Mr. Henry J. Heit 1964 Electrical Engineering
Yuma Mr. Michael E. Vandevelde 1971 Civil Engineering


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