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Mentor Program

The Speed School Faculty/Student Mentor Program has been established with the goal of advancing the educational and personal growth of our students. Students are often shy, intimidated, or reluctant to seek advice and information from faculty. They stand to benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of Speed faculty members. The mentoring program is a means to facilitate the lines of communication and will hopefully enhance the students' educational experience, morale, career planning, and professional competence.

The mentor program is not intended to replace or duplicate the academic advising program. The difference between these two programs is that in most cases the student does not get to interact with the advisor nor does the advisor have the time to get to know the student on a personal basis. In contrast, the Faculty/Student Mentor program provides an opportunity for faculty and students to participate together in learning outside of the classroom.

Mentors might offer advice, share their experiences, or merely serve as a sounding board for students' thoughts on topics, such as future career options. While no mentor will have the answer to every question, the mentor will likely know someone who will have the answer and can therefore point students in the right direction.

Mentoring need not require large amounts of time. An effective, perceptive mentor can provide great help in just a few minutes by asking the right question or making a right suggestion. The participants mutually determine how much time will be devoted to this endeavor. There is no required amount of time that the faculty member and student need to spend together. Some students might want to talk with their mentor every week while others might just want to meet once in a while and talk to them only when they have a question. Obviously, the benefits received by the participants depend upon the time/effort they devote.

Speed School Academic Services will coordinate the mentoring program. Initially, all Speed freshmen will be paired up with a Speed School faculty member. All full time faculty members will have three to four students that they will mentor. How the relationship progresses and what direction it takes is up to the mentor and the students. Each relationship will be unique as each student and mentor had different interests and goals.

In summary, the goal of this program is to better foster a sense of the Speed community by direct student/faculty interaction, building relationships that last for more than one semester and that have an impact that may last a lifetime.

Positive Aspects of the Program for Students

Speed School students will also realize many benefits from the mentoring program. Benefits will come from:

  • Developing a meaningful, lasting relationship with a faculty member that will help keep them a connected part of the Speed community beyond their years as a student here.
  • Obtaining advice, guidance, and counseling in any areas of need such as academic, professional and career, school involvement, etc.
  • Having a good source of a qualified recommendation needed for scholarships, graduate school, future employment, etc.
  • Guidance in the personal and professional aspects of their life as well as increased intellectual stimulation.
  • Becoming a more productive, knowledgeable and highly-qualified student.


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