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Speed School offers some of the most sophisticated equipment available for students wishing to work with nanotechnology, biotechnology and MEMS, robotics, and microelectronic devices and circuits. Our $41 million Shumaker Research Building houses a controlled-environment laboratory or “cleanroom” used for microfabrication of sensors, actuators, and electrooptics. Students working in the Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab assist surgeons by creating 3D models of the brain and lungs. In the Rapid Prototyping Center students design and develop functional prototypes using laser sintering technology. They are involved in cutting-edge developments in solar, wind, and geothermal power, as well as biofuels, in the Conn Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Stewardship. Wireless connectivity and computer facilities are readily available, including the Dahlem Supercomputer Lab. Faculty, students and staff are actively involved in exciting research leading to the discovery of new instruments and systems that contribute to our state’s and nation’s economic development. Focus areas include:

  • Energy and sustainability
  • Advanced manufacturing and logistics
  • Engineering human health
  • Cyber enabled discovery
  • Materials science engineering, including nanoscience