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Speed Grad Student using solar energy to purify waterSpeed student using solar energy to purify water

It looks a bit odd, but it just might revolutionize the way we clean polluted water.

Venkata Gullapalli, a UofL graduate student at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, is developing a system to purify water from Beargrass Creek using solar power, tanks, pipes and a concrete waterfall.

Six solar panels power a pump that sends water from the polluted creek uphill to a 10-foot-high, 1,200-gallon tank. From there, the water seeps through sand, gravel and crushed oyster shells and makes its way to four troughs open to the sun. Ultraviolet rays kill bacteria in the water.

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Dean Pinto answers a reporter's questions about the consortiumUofL named part of digital manufacturing consortium; 
Speed School expected to play an important role.

The University of Louisville is one of the prime players in a consortium of Midwestern universities and companies selected to participate in a Chicago-based advanced manufacturing institute.

The award of a U.S. Department of Defense grant as part of a planned $320 million Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDI) Institute was announced today by President Obama. The institute is part of Obama’s initiative to establish a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, which calls for a network of independent, public-private entities performing advanced manufacturing research. UI Labs, a Chicago-based research and commercialization collaborative affiliated with the University of Illinois, will oversee the new DMDI operation.

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The LoDI Index

The Regional/Greater Louisville LoDI Index is 50 while the National LoDI Index is 52 for April 2014

The LoDI Index measures the health of the logistics industry and gauges activity for the upcoming month. Learn more.

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