Combined BA/MA in Spanish

The combined BA/MA program is an accelerated option for motivated and highly prepared students, who wish to prepare themselves for the global economy, a multicultural community, and a changing workplace through the study of Language, Culture Linguistics, Translation, Interpretation, and Spanish in the Workplace. The combined BA/MA program emphasizes productive language skills and an increased awareness of the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Hispanic world. It seeks to prepare our students to speak the language in a variety of settings, and to use linguistics skills and cultural knowledge for both academic and non-academic careers.


At the time of application, students must have already

  • completed no more than 90 hours

  • earned a 3.35 undergraduate GPA

  • completed Spanish 311 and 321 with grades of B or better.

It is also recommended that students have completed one course at the 400 level before applying.

To apply to this program, students must

  • complete the online Graduate Application for Admission
  • submit two letters of recommendation, preferably from individuals who can attest to the student's ability to handle graduate level work in Spanish.  It is strongly recommended that at least one letter of recommendation come from a Spanish faculty member.
  • submit scores from the GRE exam.


For more information

Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Spanish, Dr. Manuel F. Medina,  or (502) 852-6686.