Combined BA/MA in Spanish

Information on the combined BA/MA program

What is it?

The combined BA/MA program is an accelerated option for motivated and highly prepared students who wish to prepare themselves for the global economy, a multicultural community, and a changing workplace through the study of Language, Culture, Linguistics, Translation, Interpretation, and Spanish in the Workplace.

The combined BA/MA program emphasizes productive language skills and an increased awareness of the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Hispanic world. It seeks to prepare our students to speak the language in a variety of settings, and to use linguistics skills and cultural knowledge for both academic and non-academic careers.

What are the requirements?

Requirements for application to the combined program are set by the College of Arts and Sciences—students should be in their junior (third) year of undergraduate work (with no more than 90 degree applicable hours), with an overall GPA of 3.35. Students should have completed Spanish 321, 322 and 355 with grades of B or better.  It is also recommended that students have completed one course at the 400 level.  Importantly, students must also demonstrate the potential to do work at the graduate level.

How does it work?

Students accepted into the combined BA/MA program will complete all the coursework for the Spanish BA as described in the Undergraduate Catalog. However, during their senior year, students will take three graduate level courses, which will meet both undergraduate and graduate requirements in Spanish.  The courses that count twice are Spanish 523, 524 and a 500 level elective.  Students remain enrolled as undergraduate students until completion of the BA. At that point, they are officially admitted to the graduate program, and enroll as graduate students for the remainder of the coursework for the MA. Students accepted into the program will be eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships. Assistantships can only be awarded for the year following completion of the undergraduate degree.

What courses are required for the BA?

  • SPAN 201 Continuing Spanish I
  • SPAN 202 Continuing Spanish II
  • SPAN 321 Conversation
  • SPAN 322 Composition
  • SPAN 355 Reading Hispanic Texts
  • SPAN 401 Foundations of Spanish Civilization or
  • SPAN 404 Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Spain
  • SPAN 403 Foundations of Latin American Nations and Identities or
  • SPAN 404 Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Latin America
  • SPAN 490 Senior Capstone in Spanish
  • SPAN 523 Advanced Communications skills
  • SPAN 524 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (also counts toward MA)
  • One Spanish elective at the 300 level
  • One Spanish elective at the 500 level (also counts towards MA)

What courses are required for the MA (in the BA/MA)?

The program offers courses that will be useful to classroom teachers of Spanish as well as to individuals who seek training in order to work and live actively in a more global or multi-ethnic local community.   The core courses expose students to culture, linguistics, translation and interpretation. Electives are used to ensure that all students have broad cultural as well as practical, pedagogical experience.

  • SPAN 524: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPAN 554: Hispanic Culture through Film & Media
  • SPAN 611 Teaching & Research Methods in Spanish
  • SPAN 624: Studies in Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPAN 634: Spanish for the Workplace & Community
  • SPAN 638: Theory & Practice of Translation
  • SPAN 644: Origins & Development of Hispanic Culture
  • SPAN 648: Contemporary Issues in the Hispanic World
  • Two electives in Spanish

Additionally, all students are required to complete and present a directed study project on a topic of their choice, working under the supervision of a faculty member.

How long does the program take to complete?

For the student who attend full-time and works diligently, it would be possible to complete this degree in 11 semesters (roughly five and one-half years), gaining at least one semester on the time needed to complete two separate degrees. This time may further be shortened if the student begins his or her language study beyond the Basic level.

Will I be certified to teach Spanish after completing the BA/MA?

No.  Certification in Spanish requires the completion of a certification program in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education in the College of Education and Human Development. For information on becoming certified to teach Spanish, please contact the Education Advising Center.

How do I apply?

At the time of application, students must have already

  • earned a 3.35 undergraduate GPA
  • completed Spanish 321, 322 and 355 with grades of B or better.

It is also recommended that students have completed one course at the 400 level before applying.

To apply to this program, interested students should contact Dr. Manuel Medina at 
manuel.medina (@)  or (502) 852-0501.