Spanish Majors Awarded Fulbright Scholarships

(going to Spain and Brazil):
Spanish Majors Awarded Fulbright Scholarships
  • Emma Jacobs  (Spanish major)
  • Katie Maurer   (Spanish major)
  • James Miller   (Spanish major)
  • Jessica Williams (Spanish major and two others)

Jacobs acknowledges inspiration by Prof. Greg Hutcheson & Prof. Regina Roebuck:

Dr. Gregory Hutcheson has encouraged me to pursue Fulbright from the beginning. He provided me with constant feedback while completing my application, as well as honest advice that guided me throughout in the process. I truly appreciate the unconditional support he gave to me in my efforts and I know I would not have received a Fulbright without his support
Dr. Regina Roebuck has been a constant supporter since my freshman year of college and has never doubted my abilities to achieve my goals. I truly have appreciated her guidance throughout my college career and through the entire Fulbright process.

Maurer likewise acknowledges Prof. Greg Hutcheson:

Dr. Patricia Condon, Bethany Smith, and Dr. Greg Hutcheson enormously helped me through the difficult application process by guiding me through the steps, answering my questions, and reviewing my application multiple times to make sure that I submitted my absolute best work.

And Miller says:

I am particularly thankful to Dr. Gregory Hutcheson for encouraging me to explore the Fulbright program as a possibility and also for his assistance throughout the application process.

Jessica Williams,a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences with degrees in Spanish, political science and Latin American and Latino studies, tried three times to earn a prestigious Fulbright scholarship. In early September, her diligence was rewarded: she learned she was selected for the prize and will spend most of 2018 in Brazil as an English teaching assistant at a public university.