Accelerated MA in sociology

Accelerated master's degree in sociology

Academic Program

The Department of Sociology offers a an accelerated master's program, which is designed to allow motivated and academically superior undergraduates the opportunity to earn graduate credit hours in sociology during their senior year. As undergraduates, accelerated students may earn between 6-9 credit hours (taking 2-3 graduate level courses), all of which are applied toward both the undergraduate degree, as well as the graduate degree, thus allowing students to begin the graduate program in sociology with credits already applied toward their MA degree.

The graduate courses taken during the student's senior year will depend on the courses the student has remaining to complete his/her undergraduate degree in sociology. The undergraduate advisor, Dr. Jonetta Weber, works individually with accelerated students regarding their course schedule. NOTE: Students in the accelerated program in sociology may only apply their graduate credits earned as an undergraduate toward the graduate degree in sociology at UofL.

Admission and Application

Applicants are examined using the following information in the admissions decisions:  GRE scores, GPA, two academic letters of recommendation, responses to a questionnaire, and an interview with the candidate.

The Department of Sociology is committed to fostering diversity by considering factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, and social class in its graduate and undergraduate programs; as such, background factors and circumstances will be considered when reviewing applications.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to the program, a student must have: an undergraduate GPA of 3.35 or better at the time of application, and a total combined verbal/quantitative GRE score of at least 1000 (if taken prior to August, 2011) or 300 (if taken since August, 2011), and at least a 3.5 GRE score on the analytical reasoning section.

Application Procedure

Students must apply during the first or second semester of their junior year (usually when they have earned between 70-80 hours) by submitting the following to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • a formal graduate application;
  • two references (preferably from sociology instructors) in the form of a discursive letter of recommendation and completion of the Letter of Evaluation form;
  • a curriculum vitae or resume; and
  • GRE scores.

Applicants must also submit to Dr. Jonetta Weber in the Department of Sociology responses to the Sociology Graduate Admissions Questionnaire (below).  Responses should be of sufficient length to give the Graduate Admissions Committee a basis for evaluating the student’s interest in and ability to complete the program, and provide a sample of the student’s writing. Responses can be submitted in four separate essays or combined in one longer essay.

(1) Please explain your reasons for applying to the accelerated master's program in sociology. What are your professional or occupational objectives (including any study beyond the master of arts in sociology)? How does this department’s program fit into those objectives?

(2) What areas of sociology do you find especially interesting for study and/or research?

(3) What positions of responsibility, if any, have you had, and what, specifically, do you believe you have gained from such experience? (Those positions include not only employment, but offices held in organizations, volunteer work, etc.)

(4) Please summarize what you believe to be your most important accomplishments to date, including those in the academic or occupational areas.

Contact Information

If you are interested in the accelerated master's program, please email Dr. Jonetta Weber, Director of Academic Services, or call her at (502) 852-8028.