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Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research - What We Do

what we do

A Unique Cooperative Funding Model
Support from across the University—using a cooperative funding model—is redistributed to transdisciplinary, community-centered research teams. The TDR teams must provide undergraduate and graduate research opportunities.

Innovative Research Support
By providing small grants and course releases to TDR teams, the Consortium recognizes the distinct nature of community-engaged research at UofL, which is designated by the Carnegie Foundation as both a Research 1 and a community engaged institution. Team projects must include social justice policy or practice innovations, and traditional research products. Research support also includes Undergraduate and Graduate Student Fellowships.

Advancing Research & the Arts/Humanities
The Consortium, as a hub for social justice, TDR, and creative activity, generates diverse outputs—from peer-reviewed publications to innovative public scholarship. One goal is to support research in the liberal arts, and research incorporating arts and humanities elements.

Professional Development, Education, and Symposia
The Consortium hosts professional development and social justice education events for students, community, and faculty researchers. Symposia in 2017, 2018, and 2019 focused on building meaningful community partnerships, participatory action research, translating research into action, and expanding the social impact of research through writing for broader audiences.

2017 - Inaugural Social Justice Symposium "(RE) Imagining Social Justice at UofL" with keynote by Dr. Rhonda Y. Williams.
2018 – "Crossing Borders: Translating Research Into Action" with keynote by Dr. Alvaro Huerta.
2019 – "Writing for Social Justice – An Op Ed Workshop with The Progressive Media Project"

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