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Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research - Research Impact


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The Consortium supports transformative solutions to structural inequities through researchers with academic and community practice expertise working together. The power of this community-led research can be found in the social, cultural, and research impacts already made by Consortium-supported transdisciplinary research teams from 2017-2020. For instance:

Creative Writing in Youth Detention Services (now known as the Radical Healing Project): Dr. Aishia Brown and Dr. Tasha Golden led a series of creative writing workshops for girls and gender-expansive youth in Louisville Youth Detention Services (YDS). The TDR team included Dr. Susan Buchino, Dr. Ahmad Washington, and Dr. Mary P. Sheridan. The girls’ work was published by Sarabande Writing Labs and shared with Jefferson County and statewide policy makers and other community stakeholders. This book provides tools for resilience to its authors, and its distribution strives to have their voices influence decision-making within the juvenile justice system. Follow-up research tracks the extent of that influence.

Microagressions in Medicine: A team led by Dr. Lauren Freeman with Dr. David McIntosh and the Kentucky Health Justice Network studied the effects of microaggressions on LGBTQ patients. Using the results, they developed literature for practitioners—including a 2020 book, published by Routledge, Microaggressions and Philosophy, ed. Lauren Freeman et al. Their work also contributed to a new curriculum at the School of Medicine, in order to make offices and hospitals safer spaces and to increase the likelihood of LGBTQ people seeking aid.

Trauma-Informed Teaching: A project led by Dr. Shelley Thomas with Dr. Shantel Crosby at Westport Middle School trains preservice teachers in trauma-informed classroom management, simultaneously creating a set of best practices for new and current teachers, and encouraging resilience and equal opportunities for the middle school students.

Equitable Housing: In 2017-19, a research team led by Dr. Lauren Heberle with Dr. Kelly Kinahan and the Metropolitan Housing Coalition published the annual State of Metropolitan Housing Reports. These large-scale research documents focused on The State of Affordable Rental in the Louisville Region (2017), Involuntary Displacement (2018), and 22,000 Equities: Addressing Racial Gaps in Homeownership and Wealth (2019).These reports have been used by key policy makers and community stakeholders, and have been instrumental in the expansion of affordable and fair housing in metro Louisville.

Consortium Social Justice Impacts (PDF) TDR Teams Publications & Presentations (PDF)

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