COVID-19 Response

The Swain Student Activities Center values the safety of UofL students, staff, and faculty, as well as the safety of the greater Louisville community. While many university services closed or moved fully to remote work to limit the spread of COVID-19 during the university shutdown, the SAC remained open with limited hours to continue serving our campus community in whatever capacity we can. During this time our staff have also prepared many measures to keep visitors safe during the shutdown and into the Fall when our UofL community will be able to return to working and studying on campus.

For more information about adjustments being made elsewhere at the University of Louisville, please visit UofL's COVID-19 response page at

New Procedures and Changes for Fall 2020

SAC staff have undertaken the following measures to continue operations and limit exposure to staff, students, and visitors. Please note, this may not be a comprehensive list of all measures in place and SAC staff will likely need to add, modify, and adapt procedures as we proceed into Fall.

Changes to Public Areas

  • Lounge seating volume has been reduced significantly by moving furniture into storage. This has made it easier for visitors to space themselves appropriately.
  • Dining seating has been reduced significantly.
  • Longer queue lines have been implemented for all dining locations to allow for appropriate physical distancing.

Enhanced Cleaning

  • Custodial staff continue to clean public areas and bathrooms as usual, but have increased focus on building touch points and are using disinfecting chemicals that are known to kill coronavirus.
  • SAC staff are regularly disinfecting commonly contacted surfaces such as railings, elevator buttons, door handles, vending machines, and tables in lounge areas.
  • SAC staff have procured sufficient hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to keep up with the needs of our visitors.
  • Additional specialized disinfecting equipment has been purchased to aid in enhanced cleaning efforts.

Added Signage and Information

  • Vinyl decals added to floors promoting physical distancing.
  • Added floor markers that indicate one-way traffic on stairwells and in hallways.
  • Digital signs are running graphics provided by Communications and Marketing with further health and safety information.
  • Adjusted building hours are posted at all exterior doors.
  • Additional signage in dining areas to indicate appropriate line spacing.
  • Signs added to elevators that encourage that only one party ride at a time.


  • All staff on-site are required to wear face masks in public areas and maintain physical distancing while working.
  • Student worker shifts will be adjusted to limit contact between workers while still providing a high level of service.
  • Normal building hours may be adjusted to improve service level while making sufficient time for cleaning building.

Facility Improvements

  • Installed foot pulls on all restroom doors to limit hand contact.
  • Added additional hand sanitizer stations throughout building.

Reservations and Event Services

  • Established new capacities for meeting and event spaces to maintain physical distance.
  • Added procedure for cleaning all event and meeting spaces between reservations.
  • Some reservable spaces have been reassigned to classroom use to aid campus-wide physical distancing efforts.
  • All information tables inside SAC will be unavailable for reservation during Fall 2020.
  • Created web page listing changes to Fall 2020 reservations at