Project 16: Micro-injection Molded PZT Micropillar Arrays (Prof. Sundar Atre, ME)

This project will combine experimental and simulation studies of the flow, solidification and sintering behavior of suspensions of PZT ceramic powders in polymers in the context of net-shaping of micropillar arays by powder injection molding (PIM). This project will benefit a broad range of ceramic microproducts such as photonic bandgap structures, catalysts, sensors, transducers, actuators, gears, and microfluidics with features ranging from 1 – 100 um. The REU student will contribute to the fabrication and characterization of a PZT micropillar arrays (Figure) by optimizing one aspect of the manufacturing process (molding, debinding and/or sintering) with Prof. Atre and his postdoctoral scholar. Their work will interface with an on-going collaboration with Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH). Students interested in ME or Material Science are excellent candidates and will benefit from a multicultural research environment as a result of the interaction with the Korean research group. This project should appeal to students interested in Chemistry, Physics, ME, ChE and Material Science.