Project 8: Gas Microfluidics using MEMS Micro-pumps (Prof. Shamus McNamara, ECE)

Healthcare and Energy Topic: Dr. McNamara has been studying gas pumping and microfluidics in his lab for a number of years (NSF Grants 0601453, 1133877).  In the past 5 years he has supervised 7 undergraduate projects (3 co-op).  The undergraduates have been very successful, having presented at international conferences and have journal publications [1-8].  The research will focus on the Knudsen gas pump, which is a thermally driven pump that features no moving parts [1-17].  A novel multifunctional nano-porous thermoelectric material is being developed that works as a combined heater, cooler, and array of gas channels for effecting the thermally driven pumping mechanism (Figure).  The pump is being integrated with microfluidic channels for lab-on-a-chip applications The undergraduate student will help synthesize and test new nano-materials, investigate new methods of making better electrical contact without plugging the pores, create microfluidic channels, and embed nano-porous materials into the microfluidic channels.  The undergraduate student will learn micro/nano fabrication techniques, layout and simulation tools, and learn how to test microfluidic devices. This project should appeal to students interested in Chemistry, Physics, ME, ChE and ECE.


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