About the Research Projects

The research projects selected for our REU reflect the interdisciplinary nature of micro/nanotechnology in the world today and leverages a multi-departmental pool of faculty experts at UofL. The common theme among all of these projects is experimental learning using state-of-the-art micro/nanotechnology tools and processes.  What was once a technology limited to strictly manufacturing semiconductor devices is now being used to fabricate a variety of novel sensors and systems addressing many of NSF's grand challenges in energy, the environment, healthcare, security and the ever-evolving internet of things. Below is a list of the exciting past projects that our REU students chose from.

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Growth of Nanostructures by Glancing Angle Deposition or GLAD (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

Novel Microstructures Fabricated Using Grayscale Lithography (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

MEMS Origami for Energy Harvesting at Soft Surfaces (Prof. Cindy Harnett, ECE)

Microrobots using MEMS and MicroAssembly (Prof. Dan Popa, ECE)

Dielectrophoresis for Particle Subpopulation Analysis (Prof. Stuart Williams, ME)

Nanoparticle Charge Collectors in Next-generation Solar Cells (Prof. Bruce Alphenaar, ECE)

Silicon Micro-reactor for Analysis of Trace VOCs in Air (Prof. Xiao-An Fu, ChE)

Gas Microfluidics using MEMS Micro-pumps (Prof. Shamus McNamara, ECE)

Design and Characterization of MEMS Test Structures for In-Situ Determination of Thin Film Mechanical Properties (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE)

Understanding the Fundamentals of Hydrogen Evolution in Earth Abundant Catalysts (Prof. Gautam Gupta, ChE)

Embedded Sensing Capabilities in an FDM printed object (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE & Doug Jackson, ECE)

Highly Efficient Light to Energy Devices using Hybrid Perovskites (Prof. Gautam Gupta, ChE)

Perovskite Solar Cells (Prof. Thad Druffel, Conn Center)

Metal-Based Biomaterial Products For 3D-Printed Orthopedics (Prof. Kunal Kate, ME)

Design of Controlled Stress-Strain Behavior for Micro-Actuator/Sensor used in MEMS (Dr. Li Yang, Industrial Eng. & Dr. Xiaojin Wang, MNTC)

Micro-injection Molded PZT Micropillar Arrays (Prof. Sundar Atre, ME)

Self-assembly of Polymers into NEMS Force Sensors (Prof. Robert Cohn, ECE)

Leading the Way: Lighting for Tomorrow (Prof. Delaina Amos, ChE)

Exploring Strategies to Effectively Fabricate Conductors within 3D Printed Plastic Components (Prof. Kevin Walsh, ECE & Doug Jackson, ECE)

Janus Gold Nanoplates for Supramolecular Assembly (Prof. Martin O'Toole, BioEng)