Research Disclosure

WHAT is a Research Disclosure?
A research disclosure is the first step in initiating the Technology Transfer Process. It is a summary of the innovation, when it was first conceived, when it was first used, and who was involved in the discovery or creation of the innovation. Ideally, a research disclosure will enable evaluation of potential patentability of the innovation, as well as commercial potential.

WHEN/WHAT do I disclose?

When a Researcher/Faculty member develops something he or she thinks is truly remarkable or innovative, it should disclosed to the Office of Technology Transfer. Don't worry about whether or not you have an "Invention" - a Technology Transfer team member will help you figure that out. We encourage faculty that “when in doubt, disclose.”

HOW do I disclose?


  • Call the OTT at 502-852-2965 to schedule a meeting with a Technology Manager who will work with you to fill out the appropriate Disclosure Form.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

WHAT is required when completing disclosure forms?
While we recognize that not all sections of our research disclosure form may apply to your specific case, we do request that you complete as many sections and provide as much detail as possible.  Particular attention should be paid to research funding sources, as well as dates of past or upcoming public disclosures – such as talks open to the general public or discussions with anyone outside of the University not presently under a non-disclosure agreement.  Please provide the following information to the Office of Technology Transfer:

  • Signed and Completed Research Disclosure Form
  • Any/all Supporting Documentation (if applicable)
    • Draft Manuscripts
    • Draft Poster Presentations
    • Abstracts
    • Hyperlinks