CEG Awards

Date AwardedNameDepartmentGrant Title
2016-JulyHoying, Dr. James B.CII/PhysiologyNeovessel guidance in angiogenesis
2016-JanuarySamuelson, Dr. DavidBiochemistry & Molecular GeneticsMechanisms of a rat Mcs1b and human 5q11.2 breast cancer susceptibility variants
2015-DecemberShirwan, Dr. HavalInst. for Cellular TherapeuticsA Novel Immunomodulatory Approach to Oversome Immune Barriers to Islet
2015-JulySandell, Dr. Lisa L.Molecular, Cellular & Cranio. BiologyDeficient Vitamin A/Retinoic Acid Metabolism Causes Cleft Lip and Primary Palate
2014-AprilPolivka, Dr. BarbaraNursingAsthma in Older Adults:  Identifying Phenotypes and Factors Impacting Outcomes
2013-NovemberFu, Dr. Xiao-AnChemical EngineeringAnalysis of Exhaled Breath by HPLC for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
2013-AugustStates, Dr. J. ChristopherPharmacology & ToxicologyDifferential miRNA expression & Progression of arsenic induced skin cancers
2013-JulyRosen, Dr. PaulPsychological & Brain SciencesLongitudinal trajectories of emotion regulation in children with and without ADHD
2013-MayFeng, Dr. WenkeMedicineFGF21 and adipose lipolysis in alcoholic liver disease
2013-MarchShirwan, Dr. HavalMicrobiology and ImmunologytDevelopment of the novel adjuvant SA-4-1BBL in plague subunit vaccine
2012-DecemberGarbett, Dr. NicholaMedicineDiagnosis and management of SLE by plasma differential scanning calorimetry: evaluation of diagnostic performance.
2012-OctoberLi, Dr. HongxiangElectrical & Computer EngineeringBroadcast, unicast and mobile-to-mobile hybrid cellular: enabling collaborative spectrum sharing.
2012-SeptemberKosiewicz, Dr. MicheleMicrobiology & ImmunologyUnderstanding the role of CD103+ cells and androgens in regulation of lupus
2012-AugustSankar, Dr. UmaPharmacology and ToxicologyRole of Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinases in bone remodeling
2012-AugustKakar, Dr. ShamPhysiology and BiophysicsWithaferin A prevents ovarian tumor growth in combination with cisplatin
2012-JulyBoland, Dr. EugeneCIIDevelopment of Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft
2012-JulyArteel, Dr. GavinPharmacology and ToxicologyRole of ECM and inflammatory remodeling in alcohol-induced liver and lung damage
2012-MarchGrapperhaus, Dr. CraigChemistryControlling Oxygen Sensitivity to Mimic Post-translational Sulfur Oxygenation of Metalloenzymes
2012-FebruaryWittliff, Dr. JamesBiochemistryClinical Significance of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases in Breast Cancer Environment
2012-FebruaryBohm, Dr. MattMechanical EngineeringiDEAS:  Migrating Research from the Laboratory to the Classroom
2012-JanuaryPowell, Dr. DavidMedicine, Division of NephrologyIdentification of diagnostic markers for lupus nephritis
2012-JanuaryGupta, Dr. RameshPharmacology and ToxicologyInhibition of Lung Cancer Recurrence by Berry Bioactives
2011-NovemberJoshi-Barve, Dr. SwatiMedicineEffect of Alchohol on CD4+T Cell proteome, Signaling and Function
2011-NovemberHubscher, Dr. CharlesAnatomical Sciences and NeurobiologyImpact of chronic spinal cord injury on pelvic visceral sensory processes
2011-SeptemberNorton-Meier, Dr. LoriTeaching and LearningScience Inquiry Centered Argumentation Model (ScICAM): Enhancing science learning and reasoning for young English Learners and other young children
2011-SeptemberMatoba, Dr. Nobuyuki
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Development of Recombinant Entry/Fusion-Specific Inhibitor Toward a Topical HIV-1 Microbicide
Klinge, Dr. Carolyn
Anti-breast cancer activity of anacardic acid
Fu, Dr. Xiao-An
Chemical Engineering
A Chemoselective VOC Preconcentration Approach Enabled by Direct MS Analysis
Dryden, Dr. Gerald
Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells alone versus adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in an electrospun fibrinogen matrix for the treatment of ano-rectal fistula
Bates, Dr. Paula
Cancer-Selective Induction of Macropinocytosis and Cell Death by AS1411
Worley, Dr. Micah
Genetic Analyses of Salmonella Virulence
Farag, Dr. Aly
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial polyp development to determine sensitivity and specificity of a new CT colonography imaging process