CEG Awards

Date AwardedNameDepartmentGrant Title
2018-AprilDing, Dr. ChaunlinMedicineInflammation following cancer chemotherapy induces immunosuppression in tumor microenvironment
2018-AprilEl-Baz, Dr. Ayman S.BioengineeringBig data in acute renal rejection
2018-FebruaryBaumgartner, Dr. RichardEpidemiology & Population HealthBiomarkers for Early Detection & Risk: The Kentucky E-DETECT Cohort
2016-JulyHoying, Dr. James B.CII/PhysiologyNeovessel guidance in angiogenesis
2016-JanuarySamuelson, Dr. DavidBiochemistry & Molecular GeneticsMechanisms of a rat Mcs1b and human 5q11.2 breast cancer susceptibility variants
2015-DecemberShirwan, Dr. HavalInst. for Cellular TherapeuticsA Novel Immunomodulatory Approach to Oversome Immune Barriers to Islet
2015-JulySandell, Dr. Lisa L.Molecular, Cellular & Cranio. BiologyDeficient Vitamin A/Retinoic Acid Metabolism Causes Cleft Lip and Primary Palate
2014-AprilPolivka, Dr. BarbaraNursingAsthma in Older Adults:  Identifying Phenotypes and Factors Impacting Outcomes
2013-NovemberFu, Dr. Xiao-AnChemical EngineeringAnalysis of Exhaled Breath by HPLC for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
2013-AugustStates, Dr. J. ChristopherPharmacology & ToxicologyDifferential miRNA expression & Progression of arsenic induced skin cancers
2013-JulyRosen, Dr. PaulPsychological & Brain SciencesLongitudinal trajectories of emotion regulation in children with and without ADHD
2013-MayFeng, Dr. WenkeMedicineFGF21 and adipose lipolysis in alcoholic liver disease
2013-MarchShirwan, Dr. HavalMicrobiology and ImmunologytDevelopment of the novel adjuvant SA-4-1BBL in plague subunit vaccine
2012-DecemberGarbett, Dr. NicholaMedicineDiagnosis and management of SLE by plasma differential scanning calorimetry: evaluation of diagnostic performance.
2012-OctoberLi, Dr. HongxiangElectrical & Computer EngineeringBroadcast, unicast and mobile-to-mobile hybrid cellular: enabling collaborative spectrum sharing.
2012-SeptemberKosiewicz, Dr. MicheleMicrobiology & ImmunologyUnderstanding the role of CD103+ cells and androgens in regulation of lupus
2012-AugustSankar, Dr. UmaPharmacology and ToxicologyRole of Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinases in bone remodeling
2012-AugustKakar, Dr. ShamPhysiology and BiophysicsWithaferin A prevents ovarian tumor growth in combination with cisplatin
2012-JulyBoland, Dr. EugeneCIIDevelopment of Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft
2012-JulyArteel, Dr. GavinPharmacology and ToxicologyRole of ECM and inflammatory remodeling in alcohol-induced liver and lung damage
2012-MarchGrapperhaus, Dr. CraigChemistryControlling Oxygen Sensitivity to Mimic Post-translational Sulfur Oxygenation of Metalloenzymes
2012-FebruaryWittliff, Dr. JamesBiochemistryClinical Significance of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases in Breast Cancer Environment
2012-FebruaryBohm, Dr. MattMechanical EngineeringiDEAS:  Migrating Research from the Laboratory to the Classroom
2012-JanuaryPowell, Dr. DavidMedicine, Division of NephrologyIdentification of diagnostic markers for lupus nephritis
2012-JanuaryGupta, Dr. RameshPharmacology and ToxicologyInhibition of Lung Cancer Recurrence by Berry Bioactives
2011-NovemberJoshi-Barve, Dr. SwatiMedicineEffect of Alchohol on CD4+T Cell proteome, Signaling and Function
2011-NovemberHubscher, Dr. CharlesAnatomical Sciences and NeurobiologyImpact of chronic spinal cord injury on pelvic visceral sensory processes
2011-SeptemberNorton-Meier, Dr. LoriTeaching and LearningScience Inquiry Centered Argumentation Model (ScICAM): Enhancing science learning and reasoning for young English Learners and other young children
2011-SeptemberMatoba, Dr. NobuyukiPharmacology and ToxicologyDevelopment of Recombinant Entry/Fusion-Specific Inhibitor Toward a Topical HIV-1 Microbicide
2011-SeptemberKlinge, Dr. CarolynBiochemistryAnti-breast cancer activity of anacardic acid
2011-AugustFu, Dr. Xiao-AnChemical EngineeringA Chemoselective VOC Preconcentration Approach Enabled by Direct MS Analysis
2011-MayDryden, Dr. GeraldMedicineAdipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells alone versus adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in an electrospun fibrinogen matrix for the treatment of ano-rectal fistula
2011-AprilBates, Dr. PaulaMedicineCancer-Selective Induction of Macropinocytosis and Cell Death by AS1411
2011-AprilWorley, Dr. MicahBiologyGenetic Analyses of Salmonella Virulence
2011-JanuaryFarag, Dr. AlyElectrical and Computer EngineeringArtificial polyp development to determine sensitivity and specificity of a new CT colonography imaging process