Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant Awards

Scholar/MentorDepartmentProject Title
Tesnim Arar
Dr. Keith Lyle
Psychological & Brain SciencesCan Merely Telling People They Have a Good Memory Improve Their Memory Performance?
Jason Bush
Dr. Daniel DeCaro
Urban & Public AffairsPlaying Games to Improve Conceptual Understanding and Cooperation in Real-World Social Dilemmas
Amy Cherry
Dr. Perri Eason
BiologyA Bug Eat Big World: Do Plants Recruit Arthropods to Eliminate Caterpillar Assault?
Heather Griffith
Dr. Sarah Emery
BiologyPlant-soil feedbacks in prairie restorations
Josh Lanning
Dr. Christian Stilp
Psychological & Brain SciencesEarlier Sounds Bias Subsequent Musical Instrument Categorization
Lianda Velic
Dr. Marci Decaro
Psychological & Brain SciencesDoes Switching the Order of Strategy Instruction Improve Procedural Flexibility?