Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant Awards

Scholar/MentorDepartmentProject Title
Emily Barnett
Dr. Barbara Polivka
NursingPatient's Perspective of Bedside Handoff
Elizabeth Buchanan
Dr. Diane Chlebowy
NursingRelationships of Sociodemographic Characteristics and Mobile Phone Usage in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Easton Ford
Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes
BiologyMicrobial Ecology of Antibiotic Resistance
Annie Koenig
Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes
BiologyGenomics of antibiotic resistant bacteria from residential storm drain niches in Kentucky
Doug Krauth
Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes
BiologyAntibiotic Resistance in Naturally Occurring Areas
Phillip Newman
Dr. Marci DeCaro
Psychological & Brain SciencesLearning by Inventing: How Much Support is Optimal?
Amy Priest
Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes
BiololgyA Survey of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Sewers and Storm Drains
Rachel Sandman
Dr. David Schultz
BiologyThe Preferential Activity of FatA Thioesterases on Unusual Monoene Elongation
Pratik Thapa
Dr. David Schultz
BiologyDeveloping high-throughput isolation of Anacardic Acid
Rachel Thompson
Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes
BiologyCo-culture biofilm dynamics between S. aureus and B. cenocepacia