Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant Awards

Scholar/MentorDepartmentProject Title
Julian Besiona
Dr. Diane Chlebowy
NursingRelationships of Social Support with Self-management Behaviors and Diabetes Biomarkers in African American Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Emily Bryan
Dr. Cynthia Corbitt
BiologyAutism and Social Behavior
Ernesto Pena Calderin
Dr. Cynthia Corbitt
BiologyMotor Development in a Mouse Model of Autism
Ashley Crabtree
Dr. Lora Haynes
Psychological & Brain SciencesJust Solutions Mediation Services: Children's Developmental Task and Issues They Face During a Divorce
Sanal Gupte
Dr. Joseph Steffen
BiologyEvaluation of a Centrifugation Technique to Fractionate Adiponectin Isoforms
Alexandera Niedoba
Dr. Joseph Steffen
BiologyCirculating Levels of Leptin in Two Populations of Black Bears in Kentucky
Tess Quesenberry
Dr. Joseph Steffen
BiologyTestosterone Correlation with Adiponectin During Development in the Rat
Nicole Robertson
Dr. Gerald Hammond
ChemistryRegioselective Bromofluorination of Alkenes Using DMPU-HF
Rachel Sandman
Dr. David Schultz
BiologyBioengineering Anthocyanins
Quinn Thompson
Dr. Cara Cashon
Psychological & Brain SciencesThe Relation between Maternal Negative Affect and Infant Directed Speech
James Dean Wood
Dr. Joseph Steffen
BiologyHabitat Effects on Blood Adiponectin Isoforms in Black Bears