SPIN – Comprehensive Funding Database

The University of Louisville has a subscription to SPIN, a high quality funding opportunities database.  SPIN includes funding opportunities from all disciplines including arts, humanities, health and medicine, social sciences, and sciences. Users can conduct searches for funding opportunities, and University of Louisville faculty, staff, and students can create accounts to save searches and receive funding alerts.

There are two ways to access SPIN:

  1. You can access SPIN anonymously from anywhere within UofL’s network.
  2. For greatly enhanced features, create a profile in SPIN (user name & password).

By creating a profile, you will be allowed to access SPIN from outside of UofL’s network. Added functionality includes saving filter configurations and activating automated email notifications. Click on “Sign In” at the top of the SPIN page. Then click on “Need to create a new profile.”  If you need assistance signing up for a profile or setting search criteria, please contact Will Metcalf (852-1708).

Once you have created a profile, you can streamline searches by setting “Preferences” including:

  • Applicant Location - This will ensure that you only receive opportunities available to applicants based in your location.
  • Applicant Type - This is used to determine which attribute(s) the sponsor will require of an applicant. There are descriptors for both individuals and organizations.
  • Project Type - This is used to determine what types of projects the sponsor is looking to fund, or what type of work the sponsor is intending be done by successful applicants.

SPIN is a useful addition to searches on grants.gov because it includes funding opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors including federal, state, local, and private-not-for-profit research sponsors.