Review and Selection Process

The process for submitting and selecting proposals for limited submissions consists of:

      • a deadline for an internal preproposal written as a condensed version of the actual proposal and based on the review criteria noted in the sponsor’s solicitation
      • a ranking and subsequent meeting or review by a Limited Submission Review Committee to recommend projects moving forward to a sponsor
      • a notification to the candidate(s) and SPA identifying the candidate(s) recommended to move forward
      • a final proposal which will be forwarded to the sponsor through SPA

For each limited submission opportunity, the Office of Research and Innovation does its best to notify by e-mail appropriate Deans, Directors and Chairs of the opportunity, and provides general directions and deadlines for submission of pre-proposals.

After the expression of intent deadline, based upon the number of interested proposers, either:

      1. The University will be below the sponsor limit and interested PIs will be authorized to proceed with their proposals pending approval of their research dean; or
      2. The University will be above the sponsor limit, and an internal review will be necessary. The proposals that have been received will be sent to members of a Limited Submission Review Committee. The Committee will review each pre-proposal and then choose the proposal(s) that the Committee believes will have the greatest chance of being funded, and will have the greatest positive impact on the University if it is funded.