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WKU Facilities Available to External Clients / Collaborators

NOVA Center

Home to the Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope (LC-SEM), the NOVA Center offers high resolution imaging services for surface analysis, chemical analysis, materials identification, quality control, metal microstructure, subsurface examination and more. The LC-SEM will accommodate up to 40 inches in diameter by 40 inches tall and up to 650 pounds eliminating the need to cut samples into small pieces for examination. For additional information, questions or to schedule an initial visit, contact Dr. Edward Kintzel ( or visit We have the unique capability to test samples to failure within the SEM, and to create a microscopic video of the failure. The center also has an Auger microscope for sample examination.

High Performance Computing Center

This facility provides high computing capabilities and is scalable to help solve big data problems. The HPCC can help speed access to information, reduce risk and manage growth more easily. For more information contact or

Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology

  • Combustion Lab: focuses on the behavior of chlorine, sulfur, and mercury during combustion. Equipped with two mobile emission monitoring laboratories for on-site testing (1) a 53-foot mobile Mercury Emission Monitoring Laboratory to acquire data validation among various testing methodologies, drastically decreasing the data turnaround time; and (2) a Multi Gas Emission Monitoring Laboratory capable of continuously monitoring emissions of Hg, NOx, CO/CO2, and SO2.
  • Thermal Lab is one of the best equipped thermal analysis laboratories in the United States capable of conducting analysis that are useful for determining ASTM standards, for research and development, and for quality assurance and quality control purposes.
  • Emissions Control Lab is one of the most comprehensive research laboratories in the nation capable of performing flue gas sampling, measurement, and control of various pollutants.
    The lab operates five (5) mobile facilities that contain numerous analytical instruments to provide real time, on-site, and validated information quantifying mercury and other pollutant emissions that are correlated to power plants operating parameters. For more information:,

Advanced Materials Institute

The AMI is also active conducting third-party testing of materials for regional and national businesses. Instrumentation used at the AMI consists of a calorimeter, elemental analyzer, atomic spectrometer, ion chromatograph, optical microscope/image analysis system, thermo gravimetric analyzer, and x-ray spectrometer. For more information contact or

Applied Physics Institute

Housed at the WKU Center for Research & Development, API researchers use fundamental physics principles to address research issues of technological importance at the frontiers of science and engineering. Research areas include nuclear physics, nanoscale physics, material science, and electronics. For more information contact

Kentucky Climate Center

The Kentucky Mesonet, a statewide, research-grade weather and climate monitoring network is an innovator in the delivery of climate services to meet the needs of business and industry, government, education, organizations, and individuals throughout Kentucky. Visit

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