Technology Transfer
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Mission Statement

Discovery, innovation and the transfer of information to the public sector is a major responsibility and challenge of a modern research University.  The University strives to disseminate the knowledge developed by faculty, staff, other employees and students within for the public good; and further protects the interests of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky through a due recovery by the University of its investment in research.

The Office of Technology Transfer serves its mission by:

  • Assuring development and dissemination of the knowledge, technology and other creative activities created utilizing University Resources;
  • Protecting the ability of our Researchers to continue to use the innovations they develop for future research;
  • Ensuring proper protection and management of the University's Intellectual Assets and Creative Activities;
  • Providing Education about Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Start-Up Business resources; and
  • Actively promoting economic development in the Community, Commonwealth and Region.
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