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News and events

  • OCRSS is tracking subject payments and concurrent enrollments through a tracking system in the HIDRA database that was implemented in late 2012. This system also allows coordinators to generate subject payment requests to administrative personnel in real time following a patient visit. For more information, call Rachel Sheppard at 502-852-1006.
  • OCRSS is using a new payroll  reallocation system to more accurately charge salaries to research accounts. For more information, please call Misty Hooper at 502-852-2904.
  • OCRSS launched the new module to complete the Billing Compliance Table electronically through HIDRA while developing the trial budget. This automation partially addresses some of the major compliance concerns.
  • OCRSS released its CMS/regulatory module for the HIDRA management system. This module closes the loop between clinical activities and regulatory/CMS reporting for device trials.
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