Academic Year Faculty Mentored Student-Biomedical Research in Home Institutions

This program provides A student and mentor in a laboratorypart-time mentored research opportunities for undergraduate students during the academic year (and summer) at their home institution under the guidance of KY INBRE-supported research faculty. In addition to research training, faculty mentors provide graduate school and career guidance. The core often provides travel support depending on availability, for student presentations at state, regional, and national conferences including the Posters on the Capitol event, the Kentucky Academy of Sciences and the UT-ORNL-KY INBRE Bioinformatics Summit. The major goal of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain training in biomedical research. Students who may be interested in relevant laboratories at their home institution that may be available for research training can make inquiries of KY INBRE-Lead Faculty.

Alexey Arkov, PhD: Murray State University Email
Mark Bardgett, PhD: Northern Kentucky University, Email
Pat Calie, PhD: Eastern Kentucky University, Email
Janelle Hare, PhD: Morehead State University, Email
Amy Brausch, PhD: Western Kentucky University,

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