Students Comments


Studied in renal physiology. Now a urology resident.

...I was given an opportunity to learn genetics concepts through research.

KBRIN participation challenged me to think critically and tackle information that I was not previously familiar with.

KBRIN introduced me to basic scientific research. It allowed me to find my calling. With the training I received as part of my KBRIN funded experience I was able to determine the field of study and projects that allowed me to obtain my doctorate.

I met contacts that I still maintain relationships with today. I chose to pursue medical research in part because of what I learned through KBRIN.

I developed a passion for bench research that encouraged me to enter a doctorate program.

I better understand how the research institution functions including how grants are proposed and how research is properly conducted.

Gave me skills in the lab, that my classmates in grad school did not have.

Gave me critical research experience that allowed me to get my first full-time research job as an undergraduate in Western Kentucky University.