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Bioinformatics Training

Continuing bioinformatics education for faculty, staff, and students through seminars, workshops and ongoing opportunities.


Bioinformatics Services

  • Provide preliminary data analysis for sequence space next-generation sequencing projects including RNASeq, de-novo sequencing, targeted amplicon sequencing, metagenomics, and small ncRNA sequencing (such as snoRNAs, lincRNAs, and miRNAs).
  • Assist the Genomics Core Facility in providing secondary microarray analysis including enrichment analysis (Gene Ontology, pathways, transcription factors, various gene sets) for differentially expressed genes, considering custom Chip Description Format (CDF) files for Affymetrix® analyses, and providing layered annotation and visualization.
  • Build bioinformatics infrastructure through computing facilities (including the 20 node KBRIN Computer Cluster, bioinformatics development server, and video conferencing facilities), platforms for integrating biomedical research (Galaxy and RedCap), and support of software for genomic analysis (Transfac and VectorNTI).
  • Provide bioinformatics support to the state-wide network
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative research

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