Translational Training for Life Science Innovators

The Translational Training Series for Life Science Innovators was developed help train innovators regarding the unique commercialization aspects in the healthcare industry. For the first time, these videos are being delivered virtually! Below are links to a library of videos to help you as you consider strategies to translate technologies out of your lab and into the marketplace.

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Welcome to KYNETIC!

Defining the Unmet Clinical Need and Target Market

Value Proposition and Stakeholder Analysis

Customer Discovery, Target Market and Stakeholder Analysis

Killer Experiments

Defining Killer Experiments and Milestones

Protecting Your Invention (Intellectual Property overview)

Regulatory Affairs: Academics to Commercialization

Regulatory Affairs Overview

Who will pay for your Product? (Reimbursement Overview)

8 Key Questions to Consider if You Want to Commercialize Your Technology

Viable Commercialization Exit Strategies

Application Tips for KYNETIC Full Application