Committee Structure

The IACUC is currently composed of 19 voting members: 12 members of the faculty, 2 individuals not affiliated with the institution, and 5 veterinarians. One ex officio (non-voting) member represent the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.  The Assistant Vice President for Research Services holds a permanent appointment; all other members are appointed for three-year terms.

The IACUC meets approximately twelve times each year. The agenda is prepared by the Office of Research Services according to directives provided by the Chair and the Assistant Vice President for Research Services/Director RRF. Minutes are recorded and subsequently presented for approval at a convened meeting of the IACUC. Approval of the minutes is by a majority of the quorum present. Special meetings may be called by the Institutional Official, the IACUC Chairperson, or by petition of three or more voting members of the Committee. The IACUC may also develop ad hoc committees as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.