Updating an Existing CITI Account

Updating an existing CITI account for additional courses

  1. Log into CITI at www.citiprogram.org
  2. From the Main menu, click on “Add a Course” for University of Louisville.
  3. Select the first option (“I know what I need to take…”), then click NEXT
  4. Click all of the checkboxes appropriate to your activities at U of L. The IRB requires you to take Human Subjects and HIPAA Research. 
  5. For individuals that are Clinical Research Coordinators or IRB members, there are two additional training courses to enroll in. If this does not apply to you click Not at this time. 
  6. When you finish with your selections, you will be directed back to the main menu and the courses will be available for you to complete.
  7. Click on the course name to begin the training.  Modules are presented in a linear fashion.  Proceed through the modules listed on the gradebook. After agreeing to the assurance statement; Click on the name of the Module to start each module.
  8. Upon completion of all required modules and achieving 80% overall correct, a link will appear on the Grade Book page with your Completion Report. This is also available on the main menu page (see below).  Print this report for your records. The Research Integrity Program will be automatically notified of your successful completion and the data will be transferred to the master database for access by the University reporting software.  Data updates are loaded each morning.  If you need the database updated sooner, please call 502-852-2454.

Human Subjects Training (IRB Requirement)*

  • Human Subjects and HIPAA Research 
  • If you are a VA researcher and haven taken the VA human subjects training, you must complete the HIPAA Privacy -VA Researchers - Basic Course.  Completion of the course is required if you will submit any projects for IRB review.


    Additional Training Courses

    • Responsible Conduct of Research (all disciplines now in one course)
    • Institutional Compliance Awareness
    • HIPAA (non-research aspects)
    • Export Controls
    • IACUC: OSHA Renewal
    • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)