IRB/HSPPO Staff Contact List

IRB Analyst Team

IRB Analysts conduct pre-reviews of all submissions received by the IRB before assigning the submission to an IRB Chair or Vice Chair. IRB Analysts send correspondence to the research team through the electronic submission system and should be contacted for questions related to IRB submissions. The IRB Analyst team are assigned to studies by the study type. Please see below for assignment details.

Jackie Powell

Jackie Powell, CIP

IRB Senior Analyst, SBE IRB

Social, Behavioral, Educational IRB


Sherry Block

Sherry Block, B.S.

IRB Analyst, Biomedical IRB 

Minimal Risk Research: Exempt Studies, Non-Human Subjects Research (NHSR) and Case Reports


Vacant Position

IRB Analyst, Biomedical IRB

Minimal Risk Research: Expedited Studies


Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter, B.A., CIP, CCRP

IRB Senior Analyst, Biomedical IRB

Greater than Minimal Risk Research: Full Board Studies 


Michelle Bottorff, BS, CCRC

IRB Analyst, Biomedical IRB

Greater than Minimal Risk Research: Full Board Studies 


Sarah Merrill

Sarah Merrill, MPH



Sarah may be contacted with questions related to HIPAA research regulations, HIPAA authorizations/HIPAA Waivers, protected health information (PHI), privacy and confidentiality of research data.

Research Compliance Team

Contact the compliance team for questions related to federal regulations and University policies regarding human subjects research; quality assurance/quality improvement practices, preparation of Corrective Action Plans (CAP) and research standard operating procedures. The compliance team conducts for cause  audits, not-for cause audits, and provides education and training.


Lisa D. Schaffer, B.A.

Assistant Director Compliance Auditing


Mechelle Kaufman, BSN, RN

Compliance Auditor



HSPPO Administrative Team


Rebecca Higgins, B.S.



Becky may be contacted concerning both the Human Subjects Protection Program and the two University IRBs.  She is the University’s contact for Human Subjects Protections with AAHRPP, the FDA and OHRP.


Christy LaDuke

Christy LaDuke, MA, CIP, CCRP

Associate Director/IRB Administrator


Christy may be contacted concerning day to day operations of the IRB office, University policy or federal regulations regarding human subject protections, and FDA regulated research. Christy processes requests for IRB Authorization Agreements and provides educational sessions on behalf of the IRB/HSPPO. 


Robbi Devers

Robbi Devers, A.A., A.A.S.

Administrative Associate


Robbi may be contacted with questions related to IRB meeting attendance, IRB minutes, IRB invoicing, and Sponsored Account setup. In addition, Robbi is the Assistant to the Director and Associate Director.  

Kristyn Singleton

Kristyn Singleton, MPA, CIP

IRB Module Analyst 


Kristyn may be contacted with questions about iRIS and the iRIS submission process. She manages the changes and updates for the IRB module. Kristyn provides workshops and education sessions to assist researchers in the IRB submission process.

General Inquiries

Email Service Account:

Main Phone: 502-852-5188