Research Tools

Sometimes, your studies may result in tools that could be useful for other researchers and labs, such as modified cell lines, transgenic mouse lines, unique purified proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and custom created plasmids.

The EPI-Center will work with you to see if those research tools can be commercialized for the potential benefit of your lab.

What is required when completing disclosure forms?

While we recognize that not all sections of our research disclosure form may apply to your specific case, we do request that you complete as many sections and provide as much detail as possible.

  • Signed and completed Research Disclosure Form
  • Supporting documentation (if applicable);
  • Draft manuscripts describing the research tool;
  • Draft poster presentations using the research tool.

How do I disclose?


  • Call the EPI-Center at 502.852.2965 to schedule a meeting with a Technology Manager who can assist you in filling out the appropriate disclosure form.