Research Disclosure

Have you discovered something you think is remarkable, original, and/or innovative? Let the EPI-Center team know, by filing a research disclosure form.

A research disclosure is the first step in initiating the technology transfer process. A disclosure is a summary of an innovation, and includes information such as when the innovation was first conceived, when it was first used, and who was involved in its discovery or creation.

Even if you’re not certain your discovery qualifies as an “invention,” the EPI-Center wants to hear about it. An EPI-Center team member will work with you, and encourages faculty to remember: “when in doubt, disclose.”

What is required when completing disclosure forms?

While our team recognizes that not all sections of our research disclosure forms will apply to your specific case, we do request that as many sections be completed as possible.

Please pay particular attention to research funding sources, as well as the date of any previous or future public disclosures (such as talks open to the general public, discussions with companies/institutions, and any other sharing of information with anyone outside of the university not under a non-disclosure agreement).

Please provide all of the following information to the EPI-Center, if possible:

  • Signed and completed research disclosure form;
  • Any/All supporting documentation (if applicable):
    • Draft manuscripts;
    • Draft poster presentations;
    • Abstracts;
    • And hyperlinks to online publications.

How do I disclose?

Download the disclosure form below directly to your computer and email all completed materials to Please contact us if you have any issues or questions.


  • Call the EPI-Center at 502.852.2965 to schedule a meeting with a technology manager who will assist you with filling out the appropriate disclosure form.