Grant Submission

At an academic institution, the submission of grants is one of the main focal points of a researcher's career. Since peer-reviewed granting agencies are now receiving decreased funds for allocation, it is vital that our researchers write outstanding applications.  CTU has years of experience providing this support for applications to various granting agencies. A collaborative team approach is taken for each application. Experts in trial finance, regulatory compliance, trial management, statistics, and grant submission handle each application.

CTU offers the following services in the submission of grants:

Project Management of Simple and Complex Proposals

    • Facilitate collaboration among investigators and external institutions
    • Coordinate proposal development
    • Organize tasks and time lines
    • Integrate the components into a cohesive document

Proposal Preparation

    • Interpret guidelines and agency requirements
    • Write/edit/review proposal
    • Format agency forms
    • Develop budget and justification then make recommendations
    • Complete internal forms and gain approvals

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