Recent Award "Snapshot"

Our faculty and staff have taken us on an amazing upward trajectory in growing as a premier, nationally recognized metropolitan research university. This includes winning extramural funding for research and scholarly activity. Below is a snapshot of some of our recent successes. For more detailed information on research and innovation at UofL, please visit our Metrics and Awards site  or contact Will Metcalf.

Awards for the week of: August 6, 2018

Investigators who have recently received extramural funding

Principal InvestigatorDepartmentSponsorTitleAmount
Caperell,KerryPediatricsWHAS Crusade for ChildrenUofL Pediatric Emergency Medicine - Mobile Asthma Clinic$160,000
Cooper,Justin TED-Teach & Learn Special EduWHAS Crusade for ChildrenUofL Scholarships 2018 -WHAS$15,000
Deng,ZhongBinMed-OncologyNational Institutes of HealthCSN8 regulation of S1P-enriched extracellular vesicles to modulate NAFLD by gut-liver axis$415,800
Hadizadeh,JafarA&S Geography/GeosciencesNational Science FoundationA SAFOD study of microstructural processes leading to current and past aseismic creep in central San Andreas fault zone$290,478
Pitts,Teresa GreeneNeurological SurgeryCraig H. Neilsen FoundationEffects of cervical spinal cord injury on swallow$150,000
Sherrod,Janikaa CCancer CenterKentucky Department for Public HealthUL KCP (Kentucky Cancer Program) West 1502 FY19/20$59,400
Sun,Jeffrey C.ED-Educ Ldshp Eval & Orgzl DevKy. Dept. of EducationFY19 NTI (New Teacher Institute) Director$97,755
Tyagi,Suresh CPhysiologyNational Institutes of HealthRemote Hind Limb Ischemia Mechanism of Cardioprotection$385,000
Watson,Sara EPediatricsWHAS Crusade for ChildrenUofL Endocrinology - Pediatric Endocrinology Infusion Center and Patient Care Team$15,000
Total of the Awards Listed Above:$1,588,433

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