EVPRI Staff News

This page is dedicated to the staff under the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation.  Various items of interest will be posted, such as professional development seminars, EVPRI special events and important notices pertaining to our offices.


Staff Recognition Luncheon, October 19, 2018

Staff Recognition Luncheon October 19, 2018
(Left to Right: Stacy Black, Emily Burks, Dr. Rob Keynton, Janet Johnson,
Craig Schroeder, Kathy Ward, Glenda King, Dave King, Becky Higgins,
Lisa Schaffer, Angela Lewis-Klein)

Recent/Past Local Weather

A few weeks ago we experienced a lot of rain in the Louisville area. It was a lot worse a few years ago.
This short presentation will give you a brief glimpse of how bad it was.


Photos of the August 3, 2018 Staff Retreat and Family Picnic: Kingfish on River Road

EVPRI Staff Retreat & Picnic August 3, 2018

Photos of the December 15, 2017 EVPRI Staff Holiday Luncheon

EVPRI Staff Holiday Luncheon December 15, 2017