Student Records Access

How to Request Access to the Student Records System

Follow these steps to request access to the Student Records System...

  1. First, request PeopleSoft Access by going to the IT Online Forms clicking on the following url: Complete the form named, "PeopleSoft Account for Campus Solutions"for the Student Records access of the Orion System and submit it. The form will automatically be sent to the appropriate security group for processing. A copy will be placed in your mailbox.

  2. Go to the University of Louisville's website and click on the "Blackboard" link. (NOTE: If you are unable to log into Blackboard to take the quiz, please send an email to

  3. Log into Blackboard using your Ulink username and password.

  4. Click on the "PS FERPA Organization link under the "My Organizations Plus" menu.

  5. Click on "Start Here" and follow the steps as outlined.

  6. Once you successfully complete the FERPA Quiz, please notify your unit contact that you have done so and your unit contact will send an email to the appropriate security group to inform them of your quiz results and confirm the appropriate security access that you need to perform your job duties.

  7. You will receive a notification when your request has been approved and your account is completely set up. You should change your password the first time you log onto PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

  8. Let your unit contact know when you receive notification from the Security Group that your account has been approved and completely set up in order to further assist you and/or schedule training.