Speed Calculus Preview Program Overview

The Calculus Preview Program is a four-week, intensive review program designed to help incoming Speed School freshmen review the math skills and concepts needed for their first calculus course at UofL. Program participants will explore intermediate algebra and advanced algebra skills at their own pace with the assistance of an interactive online computer program and a program facilitator. Students who successfully complete the program will be better prepared for engineering calculus.

Is this program for you?

First-year engineering students are required to take an online diagnostic test, the Speed Algebra Proficiency Assessment (APA), to determine their readiness for their first engineering calculus course, Introductory Calculus (ENGR 190) or Engineering Analysis I (ENGR 101). Information regarding this test is provided in pre-orientation materials, and the APA should be taken before summer orientation.

How to Log In (video)

How to Get Started (video)

Students in the Calculus Preview Program must stay on schedule and complete all homework assignments and tests at an 80% mastery level. If a student procrastinates on assignments and is not self-motivated, that student may not be successful in this summer review program.

What are the advantages of the Speed Calculus Preview Program?

  • Unique instruction designed by REACH mathematics staff and Speed Engineering faculty
  • Structured to help students transition from high school Calculus to the rigor of engineering calculus
  • Taught using the same software that is required for ENGR 190 and ENGR 101
  • Opportunity to review material and solve problems for the learning objectives and concepts needed for success in:
      • the first half of ENGR 190
      • the first two exams in ENGR 101
        Important Note: Students who don’t perform well on the first two exams will be encouraged by Speed School faculty/staff to drop ENGR 101 and transfer to ENGR 190
  • Increased ability and confidence when working through the algebra content required for success in ENGR 190 and ENGR 101
  • 90% of students who complete the program significantly improve their results on the Algebra Proficiency Assessment
  • 82% of students pass their first calculus course with an A, B, or C